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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Trend of Fall Beers

Fall is my favorite time of year.  Football is on the TV every weekend, and my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is madly approaching!  With the cooling of the weather comes a string of beer releases to coincide.  Every brewery from Budweiser to the smallest microbrewery turn their eyes and brewing minds to flavors that will emulate the change of color in the leaves.  Here is a list of my 10 favorite fall beers that always find a way into my glass come Thanksgiving:

1.  Samuel Adams Octoberfest- One of my favorite examples of the style.  Smooth and crisp, but with enough maltiness to welcome the fall season.

2.  Dogfish Head Punkin Ale- I look forward to this being released every year.  By far the best pumpkin ale I have ever tasted (Haven't been able to taste Southern Tier Pumking yet!).  Pumpkiny, brown sugary, and all the right spices come through in this brew.

3.  Sierra Nevada Tumbler- A recent addition to my list.  Malty and robust, but lighter than the usual brown ale and with just enough hops to balance it all out.

4.  Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier- This beer is awesome.  Smoky (like a campfire), but in all the right ways (like the smell of pork shoulder being slowly smoked over real wood all day).

5.  Stone Double Bastard- Similar to the original Arrogant Bastard, but with more of a malty, dried fruit background.  Drinks more like an extremely hopped barleywine.

6.  Abita Pecan Harvest Ale-  An otherwise average brew is jolted into greatness by the smooth, nutty flavors that come from the use of actual pecans.

7.  Rogue Brutal Bitter- When a craving for hops comes around, this beer provides great punch, but it malty enough to not feel like a spring beer.

8.  North Coast Old Stock Ale- Filled with rich, dark fruity flavors, this one is great to sip as the sun dips down at night.

9.  Southern Tier Back Burner Barleywine- Although this is their winter release, I always try to find a bottle of this and stash it away for the year to have when that first cold night comes around.

10.  Whatever Homebrew I'm Feeling This Year- Last year I made an Octoberfest style Ale with brown sugar and some spice.  This year I brewed a Bourbon-Vanilla Pumpkin Ale at 8% ABV to soak in all the fallness it can!  I'll be trying one around Halloween so I'll let you know how it turns out!

Give these brews a shot and let us know what you think!
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Cheers and Happy Brewing!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Beers to Store in the Fridge for Football Season

It's that time of the year again! Tonight, the NFL season officially kicks off, and with it comes your responsibility to stock the fridge with as much beer as you can so you don't run out in the 4th quarter when your team's destiny is on the line!  The question is, what do you stock it with?

For many, Bud, Miller, and Coors are the answer to football season.  While these brews are refreshing and light in alcohol, so you can drink several during the course of the game without passing out, they also tend to lack in the flavor department.  Instead, try these ten beers instead.  Refreshing, lower in alcohol, and full of flavor.  That's a TD in my book.

Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager- 5.5% Light copper lager that seems to have more in common with lighter ales than it does a lager.  Flavorful hops balance that maltiness in the background.

Harpoon IPA- 5.9% One of my favorites.  Spicy and earthy, floral hops are a change-up to the usual citrus, pine notes and there is just enough malt sweetness to balance it out.  Very smooth and drinkable.

Oskar Blues Mama's Little Yellow Pils- 5.3% Comes in a can, which is nice for tailgating.  Solid example of a pilsner that is remarkably crisp.  Floral hops and bready malt are well balanced.

Red Brick Laughing Skull Amber- 5.7% Smooth amber brew, with a hint of citrus.  One of my wife's favorites.  Easy to drink.

Redhook ESB- 5.8% Nothing that will blow you away in this one, but a solid example of the style but with a bit less bitterness than you would usually expect.  Unbelievably clear pour.

Sierra Nevada Tumbler- 5.5% Toasty, nutty autumn brown ale.  Not heavy as one might expect, but just toasty enough to balance a subtle hop kiss.

Victory Prima Pils- 5.3% A classic biscuity pils with an extra dose of hops.  Clean and smooth with a long lasting finish of spicy hops that clear the palette of all those greasy foods.

Widmer Drifter Pale Ale- 5.7% Darker color shows off the caramel flavors that come through, but are balanced by citrusy, piney hops.

Yuengling Lord Chesterfield Ale- 5.4% For the BMC crowd looking to expand.  Very similar to a Macro type lager, but with some ale-like fruitiness that comes through to balance the bitterness.

Woodchuck Cider Amber- 5% For the non-beer drinker in your crowd.  Crisp, refreshing, and just sweet enough.  Tastes like an autumn colored fall in a glass.

Cheers, Happy Brewing, and Go Cowboys!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update on the Homemade Hard Cider

It's been a few days now so I thought I'd give you a little update on the progress of the cider.  Within 12 hours, the airlock was bubbling like crazy, and the aroma coming out of it was very bready.  I guess I should have expected that with the baker's yeast, but it was nice to know that alcohol was being produced by the fermentation process.  After 72 hours, it's still bubbling pretty consistently, and doesn't smell quite as intensely bready.  There was a krausen (layer of yeast on top) that formed early, but has since settled back into it.

I plan on giving it 2-3 weeks to completely ferment out, and then cold crashing it in the fridge for a few days to help get the yeast to settle out of it.  I'm not too concerned with this being cloudy, especially since it is made from apple cider and not juice, but it would be nice to get as little yeast as possible into the final product to avoid it tasting more like French bread and less like apple cider.

Well, that's it for now!  I'll check back in with the cider after 2 weeks to let you know how it's coming along!

Cheers and Happy Brewing!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crisp, Refreshing, and CHEAP!

So if you are ever running low on cash, but have a desire to make your own beverages, what kind of options do you have?  Brewing beer at home is a remarkable way to save money over the commercial examples of beer you might brew, but batches can still cost upwards of $40-50.  Here's a much cheaper way to make an alcoholic beverage that will cost you under $5 per gallon!

There are many commercial examples of hard ciders available on the market, many of which are great, many of which taste terrible.  I decided to do a little experiment (mostly because I had the ingredients on hand!) and see how baker's yeast could be used to ferment cider.  Tonight, after a greuling day of class, this is what I will be combining to make 2 gallons of hard apple cider.

2 gallons good quality apple juice with no preservatives other than ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)
1 packet of Fleischmann's Baker's Yeast
2 cups light brown sugar
2 cups white table sugar

That's it! I'll be dissolving the sugars into about 1 cup of apple juice on the stove over low heat, and then combining all the ingredients into a fermenter.  The plan is to let it sit for 3 weeks and ferment completely, than bottle with priming sugar to make it a sparkling cider!  This recipe should turn out at about 7% ABV, and will cost less than $10 for the entire batch.  That comes out to about $0.50 per 12-oz bottle.  Not too shabby!

After it's finished I'll do a video review to let you know how it turns out just in time for the weather to start getting cooler.  Until next time,
Cheers and Happy Brewing!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brewing Beer for a Special Occasion

As the best man of our Founder's wedding, I felt it appropriate that since we both love beer that I brew something for the groom and all of us groomsmen to enjoy the night of his bachelor party (and possibly the day of the wedding to help calm the nerves!).  With my 4 gallon brewing system, and the fact that I live several thousand miles from where the wedding will be, it seemed reasonable to me to brew a smaller batch of something and then ship the beer up the week before the big event. 

I started out by creating my own recipe for this undertaking that would do two things: mix in the interests of both the bride and groom, and show off my brewing prowess a little (Don't want to make bad beer or anything!).  After trying several beers to get an idea of where I wanted to go, and talking to the groom about what he would like, I ended up with this recipe for a Belgian Style Strong Golden Ale.  Bringing in the interests of the couple, I decided I would use 2 pounds of Georgia peaches to add some fermentable sugars to the beer.  This is the actual recipe for 3 gallons worth of beer:

Mash at 150 for 90 minutes.
- 7 lb American 2-row
- 8 oz Crystal 60L
60 minute boil.
At 60 min. add .75 oz Centennial Hops
At 15 min. add .25 oz Centennial Hops
At 15 min. add 2 lbs peaches

Wyeast 1214 Belgian Abbey Ale
At high krausen add 12 oz. honey.

To make this beer unique, I am going to bottle with champagne yeast so it will be even more appropriate for a celebration.

Let the boil begin!

This beer has pretty much finished fermentation and I will be bottling it next week with more pictures to come!  Then we'll open one up in October along with several other beers (including one recently brewed by the groom-to-be) on a special video review with both of us on screen!  Keep checking back for more information and pictures!

Cheers and Happy Brewing!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Beer Review: Flying Fish Exit 4 American Tripel

Just want to apologize for the lack of activity the past week or so.  Things have gotten quite hectic for both of us here, and we do our best to keep bringing fresh new content your way!  We've got a couple big ideas we're working up for new promotions so keep your eyes out for those, and in the meantime, grab a great beer and take some time to check out this new beer review.

Flying Fish Exit 4 is an American styled Tripel (a Belgian beer known for being crisp and fruity) and comes in several different size bottles.  The cost is not the cheapest of beers, but buying a six pack of this stuff is like buying a 12 pack of others because of the 9% ABV. 

Exit 4 pours a fairly clear golden beer, with a slight tint of orange in the color.  A thick white head develops but fades into just a little lacing left on the surface of the beer.  The aroma is mostly fruity, with a strong contribution from the American hops that are the departure from the usual style.  The taste follows the aroma, but with the added touch that the yeast brings with it.  The alcohol is clearly present, but not overpowering.  Although this brew is slightly undercarbonated for the style in my opinion, it is a pretty strong offering from this brewery.  Many people complain that it doesn't quite follow the style, but I guess that's what makes it American!

Rating-  8.5/10

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Cheers and Happy Brewing!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fall is Right Around the Corner! And so is Oktoberfest and Pumpkin Beer!!

We're already gettting excited! August has arrived without warning, which means that the chill of an early fall is coming soon.  Despite the highs of 100 nearly everyday, we're starting to get excited about the beer we'll be drinking when the weather takes a dip in cooler directions.  To prepare for the fall, it's about time that we start brewing our beers (if you haven't already) that we'll want to be drinking when the leaves change colors.  Here are two of our favorites, including a twist on the Oktoberfest style of beer that should make it easier to brew with the weather this hot right now!

Brewing an Oktoberfest Ale
The Oktoberfest Style is a beer that requires lagering at low temperatures for a longer period of time.  By using an ale yeast at the lower ends of the ale fermentation temperatures, you can still get that clean crisp flavor, without needing a ton of space in your fridge!

Mash at 153 degrees F
3 lbs 2-row malt
2 lbs Cara Munich Malt
1 lb Caravienne Malt
4 lbs Munich Light Malt

Hop Schedule
1 oz Tettnanger at 60 min
1/2 oz Hallertau at 15 minutes
1/2 Hallertau at 5 minutes

Wyeast 1007 German Ale- Fermenting in the mid 60s will keep the flavor of this beer crisp and clean.

Brewing a Pumpkin Ale
There is a ton of debate about whether putting pumpkin in the mash actually does anything for the taste of the beer.  I say it doesn't hurt to put it in there, and two of my favorite pumpkin ales include it, so I'm going to as well! This is a perfect beer for Thanksgiving Day! Or Saturday afternoon football!

Mash at 153
9 lb 2-row malt
1 lb Crystal 60
8 oz Crystal 40
8 oz Victory Malt
6 lb Roasted Pumpkin

Hop Schedule
.25 oz Magnum at 60 min
.25 oz Sterling at 60 min
.25 oz Mt Hood at 60 min

1 tsp cloves at 5 min
2 tsp cinnamon at 5 min
1 lb Brown sugar at 5 min
1 tsp nutmeg at 5 min
1 tsp Allspice at 5 min

Wyeast Denny's Favorite 50 (1450)

So get started on these beers so the flavors can really meld together in time for your favorite fall activities!

Cheers and Happy Brewing!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beer for Celebrations!

With our Founder's wedding coming up in just two short months, I felt it was appropriate to take a look at several different beers that would be as appropriate to toast with as any bottle of champagne you can buy. Here are my top 5 choices for beers to replace that overpriced champagne at your wedding!  And if you're worried that your guests will be disappointed in not having bitter champagne to choke down with that smile, don't be...They might actually enjoy listening to the maid of honor ramble on for an hour before they get to eat!

Each of these 5 beers that are below are available in the same 750ml size bottle as most wines and champagne, and many of these are much cheaper than champagnes of average quality.  Whether or not you have something to celebrate, find these exceptional beers and give them a try.

#5- Blue Moon Grand Cru- ($7.99/ 750ml) If you enjoy Blue Moon Belgian White, this could be the one for you.  All the flavors you can expect from a Blue Moon product, and with the fast growing of Blue Moon's popularity, this beer would go over well with just about anyone who tries it.  Not going to stretch the boundaries of the beer world, but for a toasting beer it would do the trick very well.

#4- Samuel Adams Infinium- ($19.99/ 750ml) By far the most expensive bottle on this list, but if you are a die hard Samuel Adams fan, nothing else will do.  This beer is probably the closest thing to champagne on the list, and has garnered some negative attention for being too "boozy" to be displaying the greatest features of beer.  However, it could be just the blend to keep both beer lovers and champagne afficionados happy.

#3- Flying Fish Exit 4 American Trippel- ($9.99/ 750ml) The Americanized version of the Belgian trippel features more hops than is commonly seen in this style, but not to the point where it will overwhelm your guests.  It looks great in the glass, and the tropical overtones will help keep guests who aren't "beer" fans content with what they are drinking.

#2- North Coast Le Merle- ($7.99/ 750ml) This interesting take would be a great beer for a summer wedding to help keep things refreshing.  Brewed in the Saison style, the lemony and peppery notes are crisp and refreshing, and the higher carbonation gives it a champagne effect in the glass.

#1- Brooklyn Local 1- ($8.99/ 750ml) One of my all-time favorite beers, and the beer I will be buying as well as brewing a similar take of for our Founder's bachelor party.  Incredible clarity and carbonation make it look nearly identical to champagne, but with a smoother and creamy head on top.  Just enough fruity flavors and aromas to pair with the malts and contrast the tinge of alcohol you taste as this beer warms up.  By far the best American Belgian Ale I have ever tried, and possibly one of the best in the world.

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Cheers and Happy Brewing!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Beer Drinkers Guide to Drinking Beer and Losing Weight

I've gotten several emails from several different websites about what beer to drink while you are trying to lose weight or stay slim over the summer, and I'm here to tell you that most of those lists are garbage.  Here are several reasons that I can't stand those lists, and then my choices for the beer-drinker's guide to drinking great beer and losing weight at the same time.

#1- For the majority of these lists out there, the top 10 beers are filled with Light American Style Lagers and Pilsners.  Not discrediting those beers, but they pretty much all taste the same so having 8 of them in your top 10 doesn't really give anyone new information.

#2- The calorie difference between the "worst" beer and "best" beers is usually not as great as they like to make it seem.

#3- Rarely do these lists take into account the ABV%.  It's one thing to say that MGD 64 is the healthiest beer in the country, but then to notice that it is 2.8% ABV makes you realize that drinking 6 of these would barely get you to the same point as drinking 2 Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPAs.  (Let's do some math- 6 X 64 Calories= 384 Calories- 2 X 200 Calories= 400 Calories) A lot closer than it would seem to be, because let's face it... Who drinks 1 MGD 64 and is done??

#4- Many of these lists automatically assume that you're going to drink an entire 6-pack every time you sit down to drink a beer.

#5- I have yet to see a list explain that exercising or weight lifting harder or longer than you currently are can also have an impact in offsetting the beer you drink.  Maybe they think people will assume that?

Now it's time for my top 10 beers that you can drink and not drastically impede your weight loss or muscle gaining efforts. Our magic number here is 155 calories.  The reason being that you can burn 350+ calories in just half an hour of running at a 10 minute/mile pace.  Running stairs for half an hour can get you up to the 500 calorie range, and even just 15 minutes of bodyweight squats will burn over 200+ calories.  Just remember, 1 to 2 beers is all that you really need to both feel the effects of these beers, and to gain the health benefits from the alcohol.  The occasional night where you drink a few more than that is not going to kill you, but drinking 4 to 5 beers every night will sabotage your efforts.

#10- Anchor Steam Beer- Clocking in at 4.9% ABV and right at our limit of 155 calories, this beer is tasty and smooth, with just enough hop bitterness to balance it out.  Stick to the 1 to 2 beers with this one for sure.

#9- Newcastle Brown Ale- This 4.7% ABV beer is a great pair for many different types of food, and it comes in at 140 calories.  Good flavor all around, but keep those clear bottles out of the sunlight!

#8- Samuel Adams Rustic Saison- Perfect for the summer, this beer will keep that gut from hanging over your belt.  Only 143 calories and 4.35% ABV, this brew is crisp, bright, and extremely refreshing.  Hot summer days watch out!

#7- Deschutes Brewery Cascade Ale- 140 calories and 4.5% ABV pack one heck of a hop punch in this beer from Oregon that highlights the bold hops from that area.  You've got to love that citrusy, resiny hop bite to it.

#6- Budweiser Select- I felt like I need to include at least one American Lager styled beer so I could remain fair in this list.   With it's low calorie count, and more taste than Bud Light, this is my choice for a low-calorie American Lager.

#5- Widmer Hefeweizen- Bright, refreshing, and a great balance between fruitiness and spice, this beer is a fantastic choice for the summer.  At 4.9% and 155 calories, this one tops the list in our calorie count, but play some football out back between beers and you'll have no problem burning off the couple beers you drink.

#4- Stone Pale Ale- One of the great IPAs out there, prominently displaying the bold, spicy, citrusy hops of out west.  Only 150 calories for this 5.4% beer help it climb up the list.

#3- Magic Hat Circus Boy- Similar to the Widmer above, but with a little more focus on the fruitiness and a little less spice.  Another great summer choice at 132 calories and 4.4% ABV.

#2- Guinness Draught- At 4% ABV and just 126 calories, this one is pretty surprising to most people.  It's impressively depth of flavor is great with rich foods.

#1- Yuengling Black and Tan- A new favorite.  Bold at first, but crisp and clean at the finish.  Works well when the weather is hot because of the clean finish, but also when cooler because of the rich opening to this brew.  While the ABV is 4.7%, the bold flavor makes it seem like a much stronger beer , and the 136 calories make it a little more reasonable to drink more than 2 of these.

Don't forget to search for our Grain to Glass: Basics of Homebrewing DVD on iTunes, or get your own free copy (just pay the $6 for shipping!) at!  We love to hear from our fans, and let us know if there is something you would like to see on here. 

Be on the lookout in the next few weeks for a unique opportunity to get involved with the founders of!

Cheers and Happy Brewing!

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Beer Review: Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout

I know what you're already thinking.. It sounds like you're trying to drink dessert.  In this case, you are.  I've been searching for this beer ever since I heard that it existed.  Along the way, I've heard rave reviews, big haters, and all sorts of people in between.  I finally found it the other day and snatched up two bottles of it while I could.  Time for the beer.

It pours dark.  Basically what you expect from a stout at over 9% ABV.  Rich black color, with barely any head at all.  The bottle recommends serving at 42 degrees so I basically took it right out of the fridge and poured it into my glass.  It smells incredible.  It literally smells like creme brulee.  Vanilla is probably the most dominating scent, but there's also some sweetness in the smell like burnt sugar, and a roasty note so you know that it is still beer.

The taste is pretty tough to do justice with words.  The best way I could think of describing it was to take a bite of creme brulee and then wash it down with a rich, dark roasted stout.  The alcohol hides very well.  Hops really have no impact on this beer, other than a little bitterness to round out that sweetness.  It's creamy, smooth, sweet, vanilla goodness.  If you like creme brulee, this is a must have.  If you don't, it could be worth a try anyways.  As for myself, I'm headed back to the store to try and pick up a few more bottles.

Rating- 9/10

Cheers and Happy Brewing!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

41 Uses For Beer

I know, I know... What more do you need beer for than to drink it?!  We're usually in that boat, but there are some really great things out there that beer can be used for besides drinking.  And if you can come up with more reasons to use beer in your life, well we think that's a good thing.
41.  Baking Bread- Replace half the liquid in your favorite bread recipe with a nutty, Brown ale for a rich flavor throughout the bread.
40.  Highlight Your Girl's Hair- Save yourself like $100 (so you can buy more beer) and just soak your girl's hair in beer for 10 minutes before she goes and sits out in the sun.  She'll look like she spent much more and you'll have a fridge full of beer.
39.  Polish Furniture- Use the last ounce from the beer you didn't finish last night to rub into your wooden furniture.  You'll be surprised how much it will glow.
38.  Cleaning Carpet- The carbonation in beer will help get those ridiculous stains out.  Just rinse with water after to keep the smell out.
37.  Turn Your Grass Green- The yeast in bottle conditioned beers can promote healthy growth in your lawn.  Use it on those spots you just can't keep green.
36.  Stay Cool- Pour your favorite beer into popsicle holders and enjoy an icy treat on a hot day. 
35.  Get Rid of Bees- At your next party fill a few different jars with beer and place them around your yard where people won't be sitting/standing.  The bees will be too busy with the beer to bother you or your guests.
34.  Beer Batter- Add 1 cup flour, 1 egg, and 1 cup of ice cold beer to a bowl.  Mix together and dip anything from onion rings to chicken to fish and fry in oil at 350 degrees for 1-2 minutes per side.  AMAZING.
33.  Polish Gold- Give your gold that shine it once had without damaging it by using just a small amount of beer on a cloth to gently polish.
32.  Making Pretzels- My favorite are mini-pretzels.  Just replace half the liquid in your pretzel recipe with just about any beer.  The beer you choose will change the flavor.
31.  Put Out a Fire- In a tough spot, shake up the can and puncture the top to create a shower that will put out most small fires (ie. your grill).
30.  Find a Date- "Accidentally" spill a little beer on that girl next to you in the bar.  Just don't pour the whole thing on her.
29.  Kill Slugs- Slugs love your garden, but they also love beer.  Fill a dish with some beer and the slugs will climb in, but be unable to get out.  Game over.
28.  Relax Your Feet- Pour a beer or two into a bucket and soak your tired feet in them.  Don't drink it after.
27.  Attract the Bugs You Want to See- Combine a beer with a mushed up rotten banana and place in your yard.
26.  Polish Your Cooking Gear- Much like with the gold, beer works great on cookware.
25.  Fall Asleep Quicker- The smell of hops supposedly helps you sleep better.  So just wash your pillowcase in a hoppy IPA and get to sleep quicker.
24.  Clean Yourself- Adding some beer to your shampoo will make your hair and body smell and feel cleaner and smoother.  Some places even sell beer shampoo and shower gel.
23.  Loosen Rust Up- The carbonation in beer can help loosen up stubborn rusty bolts.
22.  Make Rice Actually Taste Like Something- Use beer to cook rice instead of water and the flavor will blow you away.  Use a rich porter or stout for a special treat.
21.  Make a Slide- Long plastic tarp.  Lots of beer.  Fun times.
20.  Calm Your Stomach- Just like ginger ale, the carbonation can help settle your stomach.  And unlike ginger ale, the alcohol will actually dull your pain.  Sip slowly.
19.  Stay Warm in the Winter- If you live somewhere where someone likes to keep the heat barely on in the winter, trick the thermostat into thinking it's colder than it is by placing an icy cold can of beer on top of it.  The heat will kick on pretty quickly.
18.  Catch Mice- Mice also enjoy beer.  Fill a small bucket with beer and give the mice a ramp to get into it.  They will be stuck in the bucket and can't get out.  Just don't forget to check it every now and then.
17.  Pass a Kidney Stone- Beer works as a diuretic and can help make the passing easier.
16.  Bring Down that Blood Pressure- The effects of hops have been shown to help loosen arteries and decrease blood pressure.  Doesn't replace medicine (yet).
15.  Stop Waking Up the Person Next To You- Sew a can of beer into the back of a cheap t-shirt and go to bed with it on.  It'll keep you off your back, and therefore less likely to snore.
14.  Reduce Swelling- In a tight jam, an icy cold beer works great as an ice pack.
13.  Prop Your Chicken Up- For a moist, tender chicken, stick a can of beer between it's legs and cook on the grill standing up for 30-40 minutes on medium heat.  The beer will keep the chicken juicy from the inside.
12.  Chili on Steriods- Add a can of beer to your chili pot to help develop rich, robust flavors that will greatly improve the flavor.
11.  Go Fly Fishing-  There are recipes involving beer from as far back as the 19th century to help tie tighter fishing knots when going fly fishing.
10.  Protect Your Garden- The yeast and nutrients in beer will give you great life in your plants without using harmful pesticides.
9.  Make the Best Shellfish You've Ever Tasted- Start by caramelizing onions in a deep pan with butter and olive oil.  After 20-25 minutes, add garlic, tomato, and a can of your favorite Belgian Wit or Hefeweizen and allow to simmer for 15 minutes.  Then add the shellfish of your choice and cook until they open.  The liquid at the bottom is irresistible. 
8.  Make Your Skin Softer- The yeast in beer is great for moisturizing and smoothing your skin.  Pour a bottle or two into a bath and you'll be very surprised.
7.  Build a Dog House-  Use mortar and empty beer bottles to create the coolest dog house your friends will ever see.
6.  Beer and Cheese United- Just Google "Beer Cheese Soup."
5.  Self Massage- Roll a cold can of beer across your legs or under your feet for a great massage.
4.  Marinades- Beer works great in marinating everything from beef to chicken wings.  Just add a can to your next marinade.  My favorite- Beer, garlic, soy sauce, olive oil, and any fresh herb.
3.  Clean Your Fresh Catch- Nail several beer caps to a piece of wood and use the jagged edges of the caps to clean the scales off of fish.
2.  Make BBQ Sauce-  Cook bacon and onions in a pan over medium heat until the bacon is crisp.  Add garlic, a can of beer (I use an amber ale), Worchestershire sauce, mustard, ketchup, and a 1/4 cup of your favorite dry rub.  Simmer until the sauce thickens to your liking and puree to make it smooth.
1.  Most Importantly- Drink It! Couldn't resist it...

Give a few of these a shot and you'll be surprised!

Interested in learning how to brew your own beer?? Check out our Grain to Glass: Basics of Homebrewing DVD for FREE here,  and get your own copy on DVD for just the cost of shipping at!

Cheers and Happy Brewing!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Beer Review: Cigar City Jai Alai IPA

Have you seen our Grain to Glass: Basics of Homebrewing DVD yet??? You're missing out if you haven't!! It's available for free on iTunes, and also for free on our Store Front at
All you have to do is pay for the shipping! It's great for a gift and covers everything you need to know to make your own beer!

Now for the review.. Being a Florida guy, I've been wanting to try this beer, and finally got the chance to drink it at a Street Cart Mexican Restaurant called El Jefe Luchador (Incredible Food!).  The beer poured a rich golden color, with a decent amount of head on top of it.  The bright, citrusy, piney hoppy aroma is immediately present.  There a subtle fruitiness behind the hops as well.  The taste is impressively smooth, despite there being a strong presence of those piney hops coming through.  The fruitiness really comes through in the taste, and exceptionally balances the hop bitterness of the beer.  Almost like a tropical fruit taste.

This beer was a great pair for some spicy Mexican food.  The hoppiness cuts through the spiciness, but the tropical fruit flavors really help match up with the cilantro and salsas that are common in Mexican food.  Definitely a beer to try, and makes me much more interested in trying some of their other offerings.

Rating- 8.5/10

Monday, July 11, 2011

Latest Free Stuff, and Deals!

We are expanding our simple free Android App of the day post to now include lots of other great free things and deals.  We hope you all start saving a ton of money using these!

First off its 7/11 most of you probably already know that on the date 7/11 you can go to any 7 - 11 store and get a free slurpee!  Can't remember where your closest store is, then click here to locate the nearest one.  Not all stores participate but about 95% of them do!  So get over there and slurp up this once a year deal!

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We hope you guys take advantage of these great offers!  We'll do our best to keep these awesome savings rolling into to your computer, just be sure to check back everyday for the latest offers!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Beer Review: Blue Point Hoptical Illusion

Time for another beer review from the Brewmaster!  We hope you have all enjoyed our Grain to Glass: Basics of Homebrewing Video! It's available on iTunes for free or in DVD form on our shop at!  Either way it is free, and the DVD makes for a great gift. 

Time for the beer... Hoptical Illusion is a beer that I have seen several times, but was never really drawn to buy it.  The label looks pretty neat, but I just always seemed to see something else that I wanted to try more.  After having another bottle of Blue Point's Pale Ale though, I decided I needed to try it. 

The beer pours a nice light gold, and has decent carbonation bubbles coming through it.  The aroma is all hops, but a little more subdued than I though they would be.  Mostly some citrus and resiny type aromas.

The taste was also mostly hops, with a little balance coming from some light malt flavors.  The taste was more of the American hop varieties; citrusy, piney, and a little floral notes as well.  The carbonation was pretty good on this beer, but overall it tastes more like a slightly higher hopped pale ale than an IPA.

Overall, I thought this was a decent offering, but their Pale Ale is by far better, and I would say shos off the hops better as well.

Rating 7/10

Monday, July 4, 2011

Top 10 Independence Day Beers

Happy Independence Day to all of you Patriots out there! We're here to give you ten beers that scream, "I love this country!"  Try not to lose any fingers with all the fireworks out there tonight!

10. Budweiser American Ale- The name says it all.  For a cheaper alternative that still has great flavor, this is the beer to pick up.

9. Pabst Blue Ribbon- All American classic.  Red, white, and blue can with a classic, American taste.

8. Bud Light (In a Can)- Refreshing and light, this beer will help keep you hydrated on those wicked summer days.

7. Yuengling Lager- America's Oldest Brewery certainly deserves a spot on this list, and this classic lager is a perfect beer to keep it light and refreshing on a hot day.

6. Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA- Such successes as DH are the true American Dream, and this beer is my favorite of theirs.

5. Thomas Hooker American Pale Ale- Just enough hops to go with your big, bold foods on 4th of July, but balanced enough that it remains drinkable after several.

4. Rogue American Amber- Solid Amber Ale with a great label as well.  Is a perfect pair to your big BBQ flavors.

3. Southern Tier Phin and Matt's- The red, white, and blue bottling definitely helps, but this beer can stand on its own.  Smooth and malty, balanced by a crisp taste of several different hops.

2. Dale's Pale Ale- This red, white, and blue can sings America, and the beer inside of it is outstanding.  The can also helps hold up to the heat outside.

1. Samuel Adams Boston Lager- Brewer and Patriot.  Enough Said.
Cheers and Happy Brewing! And Happy Independence Day!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grain to Glass: Basics of Homebrewing Video Now On iTunes!

We're proud to announce that our Grain to Glass: Basics of Homebrewing DVD, sponsored by is now available for download on iTunes as a podcast.  It is completely free!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011's Grain to Glass: Basics of Homebrewing DVD Now Available For FREE!

We're proud to announce that our Grain to Glass: Basics of Homebrewing DVD is officially available to our great fans!

The DVD covers everything from gathering the equipment you will need, to ordering your supplies, to brewing the beer, and finishing with actually drinking the beer.  Follow our own Brewmaster as he leads you through each of these steps and an easy, and cost-saving way of brewing your own beer.

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Description: Apparatus
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Saturday, June 25, 2011



eVoDEADPOOL here bringing you DEFYING HISTORYs team achievements!

VibeZ - 20th MLG Dallas, 15th MLG Columbus, 1st in the Machinima 5k Frag Cup, 3rd place in the Wanfest, over 4.5k money made from CoD, multiple GB tournament wins.
SuRVeD - 10th MLG Dallas, 15th MLG Columbus, 3rd place in the PCL, multiple GB tournament wins.
Fatalize - 3rd place in the WCG Crossfire LAN, 1st place in the Battlegrounds LAN, 1st place in the VGA LAN, 3rd place in the Online Nationals, 1st place in the WCG NYC LAN, 15th place MLG Columbus, 7th place in the PlayStation 3 25k, over 2.7k money made off CoD, multiple GB tournament wins.
KaLaNi - 10th MLG Dallas, 15th MLG Columbus, multiple GB tournament wins.

Friday, June 24, 2011



eVo Defying History


Themanscave welcomes its new team for the remainder of the MLG pro circuit! eVo Defying History! Congrats to them on there sponsorship and pro status at the upcoming event in California! Be sure to check them out on my gb page! A team intoduction and achievement post to follow soon! check back!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mega Beer Review: 8 New Beers Reviewed!

To celebrate Father's Day, my father-in-law and I went to a craft beer tasting that featured around 30 different beers.  I have review some of them already, like Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale, but there were plenty I had never had before.  Here's eight reviews for beers that range from "Don't Touch with a Ten Foot Pole" to phenomenal choices.

Brouwerij Riva S.A. Lucifer- 8.5% ABV- This Belgian Strong ale surprised me.  I was expecting something darker, with more dried fruits flavors in there, but the actual beer was more focused on clove like flavors.  There was some good hop background that helped this one out.  Rating 8/10

Victory Brewing Co Storm King Stout- 9.10% ABV- This beer is incredible.  Extremely dark and roasty, with strong chocolate aroma that gives way to rich coffee and roasty flavors.  You won't notice any hops, but they give just enough balance.  Rating- 9/10

Florida Beer Co Hurricane Reef Pale Ale- 5.10% ABV- This beer was a little plain, but there is some decent hop flavor and aroma that gives some citrus effect to this beer.  Not my favorite beer ever, but could be far worse than it is.  Rating 6.5/10

Shipyard XXXX IPA- 9.25% ABV- First of all, if you are expecting a complete hop bomb because of all the X's don't be fooled.  The X's are simply a way that breweries used to denote the alcohol level and flavor of the beer.  However, this beer is definitely one of the best offerings that I have had from Shipyard.  Far better than their flagship brew, Export, this one provides great citrus and pine aroma that carries into the flavor, but is balanced by some smooth caramel flavor.  Rating- 8/10

Holy Mackeral Panic Attack- 10% ABV- After drinking the other offering from this brewery, I was skeptical tasting this one.  However, I was completely disappointed.  Some decent Belgian spice comes through with a smooth citrus background, but altogether it just seems to lack some flavor.  Rating- 7/10

Shipyard Double Old Thumper- 11.2% ABV- This is definitely one of those beers that you want to save for dark stormy nights when the temperature drops a little, but the dark malty character of this brew is impressively smooth for an ABV this high.  Dark brown sugar flavors give off some sweetness to complement this beer.  Rating- 8/10

St. Peter's Golden Ale- 4.7% ABV- Let me start off by saying that I have heard great things about this beer, so either something has gone wrong at the brewery, or I had a bad bottle.  The beer looked great, a nice dark golden color, but it smelled like Corona, and the skunkiness carried through into the flavor.  I'll have to get another bottle to try again, but for now... Rating- 4/10

Filming and Editing is almost done with our Grain to Glass Homebrewing Film! We're getting excited about releasing this great tool for anyone to have.  Keep checking back for more information!

Cheers and Happy Brewing!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Free Android App of the Day

Its nearly impossible to say no to "FREE"!  This app usually costs $2.99, but today we get to bring it to all you Android users for FREE!  Enjoy some table hockey!!  Also be sure to check out our very own The Mans Cave app in the Android market!  Just click the app image below to be directed to your free app!

Description: SuperBox

manage your phone efficiently and help to improve its overall performance.  A memory/CPU monitor displays usage and storage information.  The battery display denotes time remaining for various functions.  Also included are an app installer and uninstaller, the ability to move apps to your SD card, and more!

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Free Android App of the Day

Its nearly impossible to say no to "FREE"!  This app usually costs $2.99, but today we get to bring it to all you Android users for FREE!  Enjoy some table hockey!!  Also be sure to check out our very own The Mans Cave app in the Android market!  Just click the app image below to be directed to your free app!

Description: Jenga
Play around the block!  You'll have stacks of fun with this classic party game reinterpreted for your Android.  Slide your fingers across the touchscreen to maneuver the blocks and watch them come at you with realistic 3D visuals.  May not be compatible with older devices.  Be careful or it's...timmmmber!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Free Android App of the Day

Its nearly impossible to say no to "FREE"!  This app usually costs $0.99, but today we get to bring it to all you Android users for FREE!  Enjoy some table hockey!!  Also be sure to check out our very own The Mans Cave app in the Android market!  Just click the app image below to be directed to your free app!

Description:  Nano Panda
Absolute pandamonium!  In a hidden world, horrible atoms must be defeated.  You control the timing, direction, and curvature of the Nano Pandas as they attract each other and avoid deadly spikes.  The puzzles start out simple, but get trickier as you progress.  May not be compatible with older devices.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale Review

This beer caught my eye the other day, mostly because it was something that I'd never seen before, and I'm always looking for new things to try.  Like most of Lagunitas beer, the description of this one was pretty vague.  Their website says that it is an Imperial Mild, so I expected some pretty hoppy flavor with a more alcoholic kick to it.  Surprisingly, it hid the 10% ABV pretty well. 

The beer poured a dark copper red, but was really clear when I held it up to the light.  There was pretty much no head when I poured it, but some little whispers of foam stuck around while I drank it.  It smelled differently than I thought it was going to.  While it had the piney, cirtusy hop aroma that I was expecting, there was also some dried fruit type smells, and definitely some serious caramel aroma.

The taste started out darker than I expected, meaning that I was getting more of that caramel flavor and raisin and brown sugar flavor as well.  Then, about halfway through swallowing it, the bright hoppy flavors I was looking forward to with the beer's 72 IBUs really came out and took over.  Slightly reminiscent of Dogfish Head's 90 minute IPA, with a little more caramel and a little less in the hop department.  For being a 10% beer, this one was very drinkable, and I did not notice that high of an alcohol flavor.

Rating- 8/10 (Wanted a little more of that hop flavor in the front than there was.)

Free Android App of the Day

Its nearly impossible to say no to "FREE"!  This app usually costs $1.99, but today we get to bring it to all you Android users for FREE!  Enjoy some table hockey!!  Also be sure to check out our very own The Mans Cave app in the Android market!  Just click the app image below to be directed to your free app!

Description: 3D Table Tennis
Table tennis anyone? Get your game on with touch-screen controls and 3D graphics.  Execute smashing serves and side-spin shots to take out your opponents and represent 10 different countries.  Whether you're a novice, intermediate, or expert player, you'll be challenged. This games goes to 11.
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