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The Mans Cave was a concept originated long before my time. The men in my family have always had their place of solitude where men could be men and there was no questioning. I now live the city life which means the man cave has been greatly reduced in size. That brought me to create an internet based man cave where all men can join in. Whether geek, gamer, jock, fitness, brewer, BBQ-er, or just looking for a place to read about manly news, you will find a home in the Man Cave

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Budget Brewing for the Homebrewer


So you read our first post, and thought to yourself, "Brewing my own beer actually sounds like fun!"  But then you started thinking about how much it was going to cost you... Enter the Man Cave experts!  Brewing your own beer does not have to be expensive, and with the tricks we show you, it's actually really cheap.  The first thing that must be done when it comes to brewing your own beer is to gather the equipment you'll be using.  Most of the equipment can be found for ridiculously low prices through our Amazon links below, or through other various internet sites.  My personal favorite is  Their flat rate shipping is hard to beat, and they seem to have just about everything you could want.  Lastly, despite the possible higher costs, the best experiences I have had involve Homebrew supply shops located throughout the country.  The service you receive at these stores can be invaluable.  Enough about where to buy your equipment.  You need to know what to get!

We will discuss it more in depth in later posts, but the cheapest form of brewing that I have found is known as Brew-In-A-Bag (or BIAB).  Brewing this way removes much of the costly equipment from the process and simplifies it as well.  The first thing you are going to need to brew your own beer is a brew kettle. For its price and volume, I prefer the pot that came with my propane turkey fryer.  It maintains heat well, and is tall enough to prevent any sort of boil over.
The price on some of these pots can get to be quite expensive, but this is by far the most expensive piece of equipment you will be buying.  Substitutions for this pot can range from fryer pots to stock pots.  The most important thing is the size.  A 30 qt pot will allow you to boil up to 5 gallons without worry for boil over.  You might even be able to find a Goodwill or a yard sale where someone is selling a large pot for less than $10.

Continuing with the actual brewing process, you will need a basic stainless steel spoon, probably lying around your kitchen, and a couple paint strainer bags from your local hardware store.  Wait, WHAT?? Paint strainer bags?  This is where the brew in a bag process comes into play.  There are several types of brewing, but the cheapest way I have found is all-grain brewing in a bag.  For now, just stick with me and head to Lowes or to pick up a couple of these.   Paint Strainer Bags from

For just $3 it is hard to beat the price and quality of these bags.  Do yourself a favor and grab one of the 1-gallon strainers as well.  Now that you have a spoon, your brew kettle, and your bags, you are ready to brew beer.  However, you need somewhere to put your beer in after you boil it so it can ferment.  While there are many debates over what the best container is in which to brew your own beer, I favor two vessels.  For larger batches, I use this:
Now you can buy one online, or do what I did and not pay a dime for it.  Go to any local mom and pop restaurant, or even your grocery store and ask them for a 5 or 6 gallon food service bucket.  Chances are they just throw them away so they should have no problem giving you one.  If you do get one for free, you will have to make some modifications to it, including either adding a spigot to the bottom, or purchasing additional equipment to help bottle your beer.  More on that later...
For smaller batches, I like to use 1 gallon, glass apple cider jugs.  They are available at many grocery stores for around $7 including the juice or cider that comes with them.  Considering you can buy the empty one's online for $8 plus shipping, just buy the one with the cider and enjoy!

So you've brewed your beer, poured it into your fermenter, and now you need one final thing to let it ferment.  These rubber stoppers are necessary to allow your beer to release carbon dioxide but avoid contact with oxygen.  For the penny pincher in all of us, a piece of foil over the top accomplishes this goal, but for ease and security, these 3-piece airlocks are the way to go.
They are inexpensive and easy to clean.

Finally the day has come!  You have brewed and fermented your beer, and now you need to bottle it!  There are tons of websites out there that allow you to buy empty brown glass beer bottles for around $1 a bottle.  Don't do it! From now on, when you buy your beer, just save your bottles!  They can be reused over and over again, as long as they are NOT twist off tops.  From this point, you only need 4 more things:  bottle caps, a bottle capper, and either a bottling wand and racking cane, or a spigot on your bucket.
If your bucket comes with a spigot, or you drilled a whole and added one yourself, then you can bottle directly from it.  If not, you will need to buy a racking cane, which is simply a glass, metal or plastic rod that lets you easily siphon the beer out of your fermenter.  If you do use this process, you will also need what is known as a bottling wand.  This helps to pour the beer into your bottles without spilling too much on the floor.  These two listed are rather inexpensive and highly effective.

This is the last of your equipment!  I know it seems like a lot, but in order to do this process correctly, you need these things.  If you can find any of them cheaper, please let everyone here know.
If you were to buy everything listed on this page, your total set-up costs would amount to about $90.  However, if you were able to capitalize on some of the tips I gave you, as well as use the spigot set-up, your costs would drop nearly $50.  Combined with the fact that a batch of beer with this set-up will only cost around $10, and you will be brewing 4 gallons of beer for just $50.  Each batch you brew would then make this cost even lower, as this set-up can last for a very long time!  If you have any questions, shoot us an email and we will get you an answer!  Come back for the next post where we discuss purchasing ingredients and preparing to actually brew!  Happy brewing and go have a brew while you relax and enjoy this warm weather!

Edit: While homebrewing is legal in most states, be sure to check if it is legal in your state.

Killzone 3 The Movie!

Believe it or not, this movie is not in any way sponsored by Killzone 3!  Instead Youtube user "pwnisher" created this epic fan made video.  There are some cliche dialog moments and tons of vulgarities that pwnisher ads in, but all in all this action packed short movie is pretty damn good!  So if you have 5 minutes to spare and think you would like to see some sci-fi Killzone 3 fanbased video then check it out!

Like this fan movie enough to want the game?  Just head over to our Gamers section and look it up in our very own video game store powered by  For convience here is a link to Killzone 3 for the PS3!  Sorry Xbox fans... this one is Playstation only!

The Ultimate Calorie Burning Exercise

Do you find yourself in the gym lifting for strength and size, but just can't seem to get cut up with rock solid abs and little body fat?  Welcome to most lifter's problem then!  When lifting weights for size and strength it can be difficult to work a cardio routine into that mix without suffering the loss of some mass and strength from your workouts.  This doesn't mean that us heavy weight lifters have to walk around with a gut our whole lives!  There are plenty of ways to fit cardio into heavy weight lifts that may just turn up your lifts to burn that extra fat.

First and foremost the number one way to reduce body fat is by proper dieting.  We will not cover dieting tips in this post, but please if you want to know more about dieting for any type of body goals leave a comment asking for one and we will get it up here ASAP.

Second is a simple problem solver that may actually help you gain more size and strength while losing fat in the weight room!  I hope you all have heard of Super Sets.  These types of lifts involve a little bit of planning before you pick up the weights.  Now when you super set your lifts it means that you are taking the down-time (time you rest between workouts) and using it to add in an extra lift.  Keep in mind that your new workouts would be alternating this means that your previous downtime between sets is now taken up by another lift so you should now complete 2 workouts at the same time with no rest.  Now the smart thing to do is always use opposing muscle groups.  For example: If today is your normal chest workout routine, then your super set to that could be your back exercise.  This would mean that you are doing 2 days worth of lifting in one day.  Results are more calories burned per day, and by fitting your entire lifting week in 3 days allows you to cycle through a weeks worth of workouts twice in 7 days!  our recommended schedule would be something like this:

Monday: Chest & Back
Tuesday: Legs & Core
Wednesday: Arms (triceps and biceps are opposing muscle groups, and shoulders can be tied in with either)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Chest & Back
Saturday: Legs & Core
Sunday: Arms
Next Week: now you would do the same schedule but everything is moved over one day.
*Note: it is important to keep your working out time to no more than 1 hour and 30 minutes, Ideal time would be between 45 minutes and 1 hour for a whole days worth of lifting.  This ensures that you are keeping a high tempo while getting little to no rest between sets.

One more big tip for the power-lifters out there!  This special workout scorches body fat and calories, but can also easily be tossed into a power-lifting day.  Its a workout called, the one arm dumbbell snatch.  I urge you to take a look at the site posted below to see the performance broken down.  The key to making this work is using correct form.  If you can master this lift then you will be huffing and puffing after a set of ten on each arm!
Men's Health Dumbbell Snatch

There you have it, our fitness tip for big lifters losing weight!  If you want to know more about fitness tips for any body type just leave a comment and we will make sure that our next tip fits what our audience wants to see!

2011 Oscar Winners

Lets face it the Oscars aren't exactly a big hit in Man Caves around the US.  However, lets all face the fact that we Man Cave dwellers also have a job with other people, or try frequently to impress the women in our lives!  This means we are almost forced to watch the Oscars just so you don't get left out of the office talk, or can impress what hopefully will turn out to be this Friday's date!  Well either way sit back and let us run down the list of winners, and the list of our Man Cave winners.
Best Picture:
The King's Speech:  Based on a true story of Bertie Gambon being crowned king of England while he tries to get over a speech impediment (*yawn... ooo sorry....*) long story short he makes a radio announcement to inspire a nation.
Man Cave Pick: Inception:  if you own a Man Cave and didn't go see this movie and love it... then your man cave quality may need some work!  It was a great and complex idea for a movie, but with today's modern computer science working at its best (in the entertainment industry) it turned out to be a hell of an action flick that kept you on the edge of your seat.

Best Actor:
Colin Firth "The King's Speech":  Well no surprise (must have been a lot of Brits voting...) It must have been hard to go through a whole movie with a faked speech impediment.
Man Cave Pick: Jeff Bridges "True Grit"  It was about time someone stepped up to take a Western Cowboy role to the next level.  What can we say, he brought the Wild West back to us!

Best Actress:
Natalie Portman "Black Swan": If you were dragged to this movie by your girlfriend or wife, then you were thanking Natalie Portman for making the movie bearable at times...don't get us wrong between the ballet, strange mother, and crazy dancers we were all snoring.  But Natalie Portman put on a show with several sexy scenes including one laying in bed next to her mother.... Hey, that's enough to get the Man Cave's vote!
Man Cave Pick: Natalie Portman "Black Swan"

There you have it, the three major Oscar awards that will get you through the water-hole chatter of the day.  If you want the full list of Oscar winners and nominees then check out moviefone's run down:

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tosh.0 Reviewed: Absolutely Hilarious!

Daniel Tosh stars in Tosh.0, a show where Tosh rolls through the latest online videos that are garrunteed to keep you laughing for hours!  If the videos themselves aren't keeping you laughing then Tosh himself makes some hilarirous commentary as he rips apart the people in the videos.  In every show he goes through a special video in a segment called Web Redemption where he takes the funniest videos and tears them apart, but afterwards allows the people frorm the video to redeem themselves from complete online embarassment with a second try at whatever they failed at! 

Take a look at the latest episode where in Web Redemption he picks apart the  hurdle fail girls!  If you want to check out Tosh.0's 4 latest episodes from season 3 hit up and search for Tosh.0.  Also if you want to see previous seasons and get all caught check out Amazon's on demand video for cheap!  Also check out his website at the link below.

Gamers Like to Revisit Their Roots Sometimes...

Who doesn't want to replay some of their old NES (original Nintendo system) without having to turn blue in the face from blowing into the cartridges?  Don't worry, The Man Cave has you retro Gamers covered!  We discovered a gem of a site called NESbox (see link to site below).  They have every Nintendo game you can think of ready to play right in your browser!  No need for a controller or anything, just use your keyboard (you can customize the keys to use) and get ready to pwn your childhood past time!

What retro games made up your childhood?

Frosty Life Hack: Beer Edition

How many times does some guest in your Man Cave steal the last cold beer in the min-fridge, and  with no respect of at least refilling the fridge?  Its time we find a life hack to fix this issue!

Lets face it in more cases then none you are probably stuck with this guest who is bent on emptying your fridge of beer!  So if you cannot shake him or convince him to leave you will just have to find a speedy way to cool those warm brews before the commercials end for your game.... here's just the life hack we need to save the day!

First grab a big pot and put your warm beers or sodas in there, layer a lot of ice-cubes over the drinks.
Second grab two cups of salt and sprinkle it over the ice.  
Finally fill the pot up with water and in about 3 minutes flat those drinks will be ice cold and just in time for the game to come back on!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Recruiting of Pro-Gamer and Owner of eVo Gaming INC. Sponsoring

eVo DEADPOOL (Pro Gamer)
Ever find yourself in a gaming lobby (Xbox 360 or PS3) with another person using gamer-tag eVo DEADPOOL?  Chances are if you answered yes to that question, you probably put up your worst averages if you went against him!  This guy single handedly takes control of every lobby he enters and always ends up in the top 3!  He's specialty is with FPS (First Person Shooters).  He is always driving his GameBattle's teams to the top ranks and entering tournaments with his elite teams.  Here is a link to his Game Battles profile to show off his ranking!

Game Battles eVo DEADPOOL

eVo DEADPOOL is now our official go to gamer.  He has all the tips, hints, and tricks you could want to stay alive and dominate our friends in any game.  This guy is nothing short of his title of Pro-Gamer.  Over the next few days we will make changes to our Gamers page and we will have some exclusive eVo DEADPOOL reviews and posts!  I don't know about the rest of you... but I'm looking forward to upping my gamer status with his tips!

More Exciting Updates

The Man Cave is going through some social network changes!  we are currently putting up a facebook group which you will be able to like and link to from our home page.  Also we have created a twitter account under the name, "TheMansCave".  look us up to follow our tweets, also search twitter for #ManCave to view or add info to fellow Man Cave dwellers.  Not all of these features are up and running yet, but as we publish them we will post updates with links.  For now feel free to leave a comment if you have an idea for more social presence of The Man Cave!

New Features *Edited for Update with Meebo Link*

The Man Cave is now ready to be a social site!  We added a few features that will allow you to stay in The Man Cave and still be social with your friends.  We opted to use Google services because they have some of the best freeware out there.  All of our new features can be located on the right navigation bar.

First we have a Sign In option that is connected with Google, Twitter, and Yahoo.  So if you have a user account with any one of those free websites you can use that login information to sign into our site!  Also once you are signed in you can chose to invite others with a convenient link to your Gmail contacts; you will also be able to share links to this site, along with a personal message, with any social network service like facebook and twitter.

Second we have a smooth Gtalk area that allows you to sign into your Gtalk account (this is a Google driven chat service) so you can chat with our friends while you read the latest information up on The Man Cave wall.

Finally we have a followers section now that will allow you to see who is following us.  You can use this to connect with other fellow Man Cave dwellers.

Click  Image to Enlarge (notice white bar at the bottom with Meebo function)
That concludes our latest additions to improve your experience in The Man Cave.  Please leave some feedback for features you would like to see here!

*Edited*:  We have ditched the simply Gtalk feature and upgraded to Meebo for a chat service.  For those of you who don't know what Meebo is, check out their site here:  This new Meebo feature is located at the bottom of your browser and allows you to sign into Facebook chat, Gtalk, AIM, Meboo, and MSN (with more chat services coming soon).  Here is a quick screenshot of it in action (notice the white bar at the bottom of your screen).

First Segment in "Life Hacks"

Life Hacks
Do you ever get frustrated with games and finally have to turn to searching the web for hacks, cheats, or walk-throughs?  This probably has happened to everyone one of us in The Man Cave a few times.  Well we took this concept a bit further and searched for ways to hack, cheat, or just get a walk-through for every day life events.  This brings me to your grand welcome to our first segment in "Life Hacks".  In these segments we will be bringing you various ways to improve your everyday life by knowing these little hacks we found.  Some may come as tips, and some will be just flat out hacks you can show off to your friends and always come off as the smart funny guy.

For our first segment we bring you Health/Body hacks that we found.  We put them all in this picture which you can click to enlarge.  We hope some of these simple hacks work out for all our Man Cave dwellers!  Please leave a comment about new hacks you would like us to find, or even just some updates to these hacks if there are any!

Man Cave Gamer Desktop with Rainmeter Program

Sometimes Gamers and computer geeks meet and make something amazing.  Here in The Man Cave we tried out a program called Rainmeter.  This program customizes your desktop with many features and skins that you can fully customize.  This is a freeware program which means its completely free and opensource so you can find tons of customized skins to download and use for your desktop.  Here is the link for the Rainmeter website:

Click our Desktop Image for a Larger View
Here at The Man Cave we whipped up an Assassin's Creed version for our own desktop.  We have been playing the Assassin's Creed series recently and thought it was great theme for our first attempt.  Just a quick note on the game itself, I highly recommend the console versions of the games.  The controls for the PC version can get pretty complicated.  You will notice that we use a custom windows home button with rings around it that give information about the space taken up on our hard-drive along with CPU and RAM usage.  We also have a Gmail skin and a wireless internet info-graph at the top.  On the top you can see 5 day weather forecast skin above our iTunes skin that shows album art and information about the current song.  There is also a skin for our battery percentage and two variations on date and time in the upper and lower right hand corners.  Finally at the bottom you can see a U-torrent info-graph and an area where you can write notes.  We also are using a custom status bar from RocketDock.  Link:

Now that you see what we made with Rainmeter, and other custom desktop freeware, show us your custom desktops that are Man Cave worthy!  Also if you want advice, hints, or tips with the listed freeware programs leave us a comment and we will fill you in on whatever you need.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Real Impact of the Trade Deadline

In the past weekend alone, the NBA has seen no less than 5 trades that will have a significant effect on the rest of the NBA season and playoffs. Unfortunately for most teams, the trade deadline dies nothing for them except force them to make shady trades that typically don't amount to anything. Take, for instance, the Carmelo trade. While the Nuggets brought in some young talent with which to build a team, they lost the only reason for relevance that they have had over the past 5 seasons. Similarly, by shipping off Perkins, the Celtics are all but dooming themselves to the same fate as last year. With Shaq struggling to get through the season like q geriatric trying to walk down the hall of a nursing home, the Celtics are playing on thin ice when the time comes need for a strog post player in the playoffs. Needless to say, the NBA should simply remove the trade deadline. If a team wants to take a risk and make a play for a guy two weeks before the playoffs I say go for it! But good luck getting out of the first round...

Modern Warfare 3??? *Edit* Found to be a Hoax!

With glowing green numbers counting down to five days from now and the 2010 Game Developers Conference kicking off on Monday, it looks like we will be getting our first look at the next Modern Warfare on Wednesday morning. is ticking away like a timebomb set to explode into what will likely be the biggest entertainment launch of the year.

Here is the link to this timebomb:

Modern Warfare 2 players will remember Vladimir Makarov as the man that left them for dead at the end of the No Russian mission, effectively blaming the U.S. for the massacre of countless Russian civilians and ignited the spark of war. We didn't get to kill him in that game. Looks like we'll finally be getting our chance.While there's no concrete information yet, I'd say we can look forward to Modern Warfare 3 hitting Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this November. Stay tuned to our GDC 2011 coverage next week for the big reveal.

So fellow Man Cave dwellers, which system are you looking to purchase this gem for? I'm lininig up for the Xbox 360 version of course!

The source of this hoax site was traced to a Canadian troupe set to debut a Modern Warfare projecct next week. 

Modern Family TV Review

Sofia Vergara
Every now and then you need to get a good laugh in the Man Cave.  Well this is that laugh you have all been looking for.  Between the hilarious storylines and comical dialog there sits a family tree and they seem to take the wrong turns every time they can.  I know that anyone of you dads out there will start to relate to the men in this show!  There is the oldest dad who you may recognize from the old show called "Married with Children" and he is divorced but re-married to the hot latin star, Sofia Vergara, who has a young witty child who mocs Ed O'Neill at every turn.  Jay, Ed O'Neill's character, has two children one who is married to a young dad that is desperately trying to stay hip and cool to his kids, and the other who is openly gay with his life partner and their adopted asain baby.  The ways the entire familes interact are priceless and make everyone laugh with every new episode.  If you have not seen any of this show check out our link below for a cheap price from Amazon's on demand for season one and season two.  Also if you just want to check a few episodes out go on over to and look up "Modern Family" you will be able to watch the four latest episodes for free!

Motorola's Xoom Tablet on Verizon


Verizon Wireless today released its first ad for Motorola’s Xoom tablet, a futuristic spot that highlights the device’s ability to play Vendetta. In the ad, a leather-jacketed guy grabs the tablet and is whisked away into a spaceship, where he picks out theVendetta app and begins playing. A voiceover rattles off Xoom’s chief attributes: a 1 GHz dual-processor, 3D graphics engine, a gyroscope and a widescreen HD display. Tagline: “Grab it and it grabs you.”
You may remember that Motorola had its own Xoom ad it launched during the Superbowl.
Both ads really build up the hype in Android tablets with the new Honeycomb 3.0. Although it is disheartening to see that Best Buy is charging $799 for this epic machine. Meanwhile Verizon is selling it for $599 as long as you buy into their 24 month contract for 1G-3G with the promise of updating to 4-G later in 2011.
So the question for our Electronic Geek Cave dwellers: Do you plan on buying the new Xoom tablet? or do you plan to buy another android device. With that does anyone plan to wait for the rumored Apple iPad 2 announcement on March 2nd? Please post a comment and let the rest of the Man Cave know what you think.

Welcome to The Man Cave Store Front!

We were working hard last night to bring The Man Cave its very own storefront that is powered by  This means that all purchases are through and will be handeled by Amazon itself.  So do not worry about any identity theft or stolen money because is a widely trusted site.  Each one of our pages located in navigation bar uptop below our title and short paragraph.  For example if you click on Gamers then you will be directed to our Gamer page which will have a store front taylored specifically for that section, so you will only see video games.  If you went to Sports & Fantasy Sports you will find various sport team appearal and other equipment for various sports.  We will do our best to bring only the best prices to our audience.  That is why we chose to host our storefront, because they take hundreds of stores on the internet and compare their prices so you can save as much money as possible.  I will note that if we find better prices or deals we will call them out because saving money is key when you have a Man Cave to upkeep!  now go and check out our various storefronts!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Basic Essentials for your Workouts

I figured a good way to kickoff The Man Cave's first work out blog post would be to inform fellow Man Cave dwellers of the three basic supplements you should all take!  Before I start I just want to mention that I will refer specific products because I use them myself and have found them to be the best, but I in no way get kick-backs of any sort by you going out to get them.  I simply look for the best deals, and if you find better please comment with the link and price so everyone can save some cash!  Anyway the first supplement you all should be taking is the all mighty multivitamin!  Its extremely simple to take (just one pill in the morning with breakfast).  I personally have found that GNC's Mega Men vitamins provide you with everything you could possibly need for a cheap price!  the dosage on the bottle will tell you to take two pills per day, but I STRONGLY urge you to only take one, this is because you will likely get the renaming amount of vitamins in your food during the day.  This will also cut down on your chances of getting kidney stones and save more money!  The link will be in this post for the Amazon pricing.  Also if you wish to purchase from GNC here is that link: (their prices is $26.99 not including shipping). 

Second on our list of essentials is a protien shake (sometimes referreed to as meal replacement shake).  Again I have tried many different kinds and always find my self going back to my favorite brand (Met-Rx).  Here is where smart shopping comes into play... Many brands brag about the amount of grams of protien they have in their product, but did you know that the average male only sees a significant improvement in muscle regeneration with 20 grams of protien in one sitting... this means that anything over 20 grams doesn't help you heal faster at all, and the main purpose for the shake is to speed muscle recovery.  So save yourself some cash and put down that 48 grams of protien and spring for the 20 gram one!  Another good look is to try and make sure the product is a meal replacement instead of just raw protien, this is because the meal replacement has more vitamins and supporting ingredients that help with protien digestion and protien synthasis which is the process of converting that shake to real muscle.  Also for those of you that don't care for packing on muscle... just use the meal replacement just as it says "meal replacement" replace your after workout snack or meal with the shake itself!  for others that want mass still take the shake 30 minutes after your workout, but do not count it as a meal.  Again I have the Amazon link in this post... but another little secret is that about 99% of walmarts carry Met-Rx... so next time your over there saving money, cruise down the health and vitamins section to find this for cheap!

Third and last thing on our list here is really simple... WATER!!!  its extrememly simple, your body is mostly made of water so don't deny it from what it needs!   Also when working out only drink water or some sort of sports drink... do not bring soda in the weight room, they will laugh you out the door!  Finally this is the cheapest product because you can go to your sink and fill up your cup! 

This concludes our basic essential supplements for the everyday working out man.  We will cover a ton more for you hardcore people in the future.  Also look for us to post actual tips on workouts you can do at home, at the gym, or pretty much anywhere you have an hour of free time.

Our Very Own Brew-Master has Joined!

The Brewmaster's Brewing Kettle
I have just received word that we have an up-and-coming Brew-Master who just joined our administrative staff. I have known him since college and consider him a best friend.  A quick story to exemplify his and my dedication to beer and brewing... We were roommates on a dry (alcohol free) campus.  We both turned 21 around the same time and would not accept the limitations of life without beer! While we may have lived on a college campus that was alcohol free, that did not stop our exploration of new and exciting beers! We researched, explored, and drove all over to find new places with which to experience new brews! At one point we even made a giant snow cooler with which to keep our beer cold during the Vermont winter!  Now our Brew-Master spends his time perfecting his brewing techniques and recipes.  Whenever I have a question about beer, or about brewing my own beer I turn to the Brew-Master.  So please welcome and feel honored to receive his knowledge only at The Man Cave!   Also the latest news is that he is brewing something big up, heres a picture he sent!

Why Brew Your Own Beer?

For many guys, beer drinking is something that isn't really thought about.  "Give me the coldest beer you have and pour it into a frosty mug!"  In many cases, there is nothing wrong with that.  After mowing the lawn, playing in a men's church league, or when cramming pizza in your mouth while playing COD online are all great times to slurp on a icy cold Coors Light.  However, if you have ever noticed, there really isn't any flavor in those lawnmower beers.  Enter a whole new world: the never-ending supply of craft beer!  Craft beer in the US has exploded onto the grocery store shelves, and for good reason! The brewers crafting these beers really know what they are doing, and the flavor in these brews is incomparable with any other commercial brew out there.  The one downside to craft brew: the price tag.  The cost of craft brew is sometimes staggering, and coming from experience it's a lot easier to spend $6 on a six-pack of Bud/Miller/Coors than to unload $15 on a six-pack from the likes of Dogfish Head!  So now guys are in their man cave stuck between the idea of drinking flavorless beer and paying over $2 a beer.  What could possibly be the solution?  Homebrew!  For less than $10 in supplies and about $20 in reusable equipment, you can be brewing your very own 3 gallon batch of homebrew!  Since 3 gallons makes about 30 beers your talking about making your own, high quality brew that is cheaper than Bud, Miller, or Coors!  While there are many homebrew supply stores out there, both online and in the real world, if you stay tuned for the next few weeks, I'll be showing you a detailed step-by-step process of crafting your own brew, of which you will be sure to want to show off to your friends! Welcome to your new addiction of homebrewing!

First of Many

I'm more of a gamer man myself.  Because of size limitations my physical Man Cave lacks many things, but still the first thing I put in there was a 42', 1080p, 240Hz, LCD TV.  Optimal for serious gaming, and serious sports. After that I outfitted the room with a new Xbox 360 slim WiFi'ed so I could cut down on the cords.  I know some serious gamers like to brag about consul wars between xbox, playstation, and PC but I'm more of a xbox guy.  Now when I say these were the first two additions to my Man Cave, I literally mean that was it... for days I sat on a health ball with the TV and xbox on the floor as I gamed in an empty room the size of a large closet!  What can I say, I blew all my cash on the TV and xbox, can you blame me?  I've obviously need a few more upgrades before my personal Man Cave is fit for its king!  With this first post on my blog I'd like to open it up a bit to the gamers and Man Cave dwellers to brag about their personal kingdom of solitude.  Please add in as much detail and even pictures if you wish.  As my Man Cave improves I will be uploading pictures and sharing deals on prices for upgrades to everyone's Man Cave.
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