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The Mans Cave was a concept originated long before my time. The men in my family have always had their place of solitude where men could be men and there was no questioning. I now live the city life which means the man cave has been greatly reduced in size. That brought me to create an internet based man cave where all men can join in. Whether geek, gamer, jock, fitness, brewer, BBQ-er, or just looking for a place to read about manly news, you will find a home in the Man Cave

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Modern Warfare 3??? *Edit* Found to be a Hoax!

With glowing green numbers counting down to five days from now and the 2010 Game Developers Conference kicking off on Monday, it looks like we will be getting our first look at the next Modern Warfare on Wednesday morning. is ticking away like a timebomb set to explode into what will likely be the biggest entertainment launch of the year.

Here is the link to this timebomb:

Modern Warfare 2 players will remember Vladimir Makarov as the man that left them for dead at the end of the No Russian mission, effectively blaming the U.S. for the massacre of countless Russian civilians and ignited the spark of war. We didn't get to kill him in that game. Looks like we'll finally be getting our chance.While there's no concrete information yet, I'd say we can look forward to Modern Warfare 3 hitting Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this November. Stay tuned to our GDC 2011 coverage next week for the big reveal.

So fellow Man Cave dwellers, which system are you looking to purchase this gem for? I'm lininig up for the Xbox 360 version of course!

The source of this hoax site was traced to a Canadian troupe set to debut a Modern Warfare projecct next week. 


REM4606 said...

Just throwing an update up here for this post... it turns out that the site linked in this post is a hoax. We have received word from Activision, the publisher of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, that they have no plans to announce a sequel for that series anytime soon. We have reached out to an Activision rep and will update this further when we hear word back.

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