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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Ultimate Calorie Burning Exercise

Do you find yourself in the gym lifting for strength and size, but just can't seem to get cut up with rock solid abs and little body fat?  Welcome to most lifter's problem then!  When lifting weights for size and strength it can be difficult to work a cardio routine into that mix without suffering the loss of some mass and strength from your workouts.  This doesn't mean that us heavy weight lifters have to walk around with a gut our whole lives!  There are plenty of ways to fit cardio into heavy weight lifts that may just turn up your lifts to burn that extra fat.

First and foremost the number one way to reduce body fat is by proper dieting.  We will not cover dieting tips in this post, but please if you want to know more about dieting for any type of body goals leave a comment asking for one and we will get it up here ASAP.

Second is a simple problem solver that may actually help you gain more size and strength while losing fat in the weight room!  I hope you all have heard of Super Sets.  These types of lifts involve a little bit of planning before you pick up the weights.  Now when you super set your lifts it means that you are taking the down-time (time you rest between workouts) and using it to add in an extra lift.  Keep in mind that your new workouts would be alternating this means that your previous downtime between sets is now taken up by another lift so you should now complete 2 workouts at the same time with no rest.  Now the smart thing to do is always use opposing muscle groups.  For example: If today is your normal chest workout routine, then your super set to that could be your back exercise.  This would mean that you are doing 2 days worth of lifting in one day.  Results are more calories burned per day, and by fitting your entire lifting week in 3 days allows you to cycle through a weeks worth of workouts twice in 7 days!  our recommended schedule would be something like this:

Monday: Chest & Back
Tuesday: Legs & Core
Wednesday: Arms (triceps and biceps are opposing muscle groups, and shoulders can be tied in with either)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Chest & Back
Saturday: Legs & Core
Sunday: Arms
Next Week: now you would do the same schedule but everything is moved over one day.
*Note: it is important to keep your working out time to no more than 1 hour and 30 minutes, Ideal time would be between 45 minutes and 1 hour for a whole days worth of lifting.  This ensures that you are keeping a high tempo while getting little to no rest between sets.

One more big tip for the power-lifters out there!  This special workout scorches body fat and calories, but can also easily be tossed into a power-lifting day.  Its a workout called, the one arm dumbbell snatch.  I urge you to take a look at the site posted below to see the performance broken down.  The key to making this work is using correct form.  If you can master this lift then you will be huffing and puffing after a set of ten on each arm!
Men's Health Dumbbell Snatch

There you have it, our fitness tip for big lifters losing weight!  If you want to know more about fitness tips for any body type just leave a comment and we will make sure that our next tip fits what our audience wants to see!


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