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Monday, March 14, 2011

4 Teams to Watch during March Madness

So we've all seen the reviews from just about every sport's site out there as we start filling out our brackets hoping to win the big prizes this year.  But every year, it seems like there are those couple teams that make a run to the Elite 8 or Final Four that we never expected.  Here are's four teams that you should remember when it comes time to pick your bracket.  Remember that despite the over-hype, upsets are typically rare and the highest seeds are usually the one's playing at the end of the tournament.

EAST- While Ohio State was named the #1 seed overall for the entire tourney, the teams that they will be forced to face make their road to the Final Four anything but easy.  While Xavier may be a #6 seed, if they can get through the first weekend, they have a good shot at taking down the #2 UNC.  UNC is physical and athletic, but we have seen them struggle at times with teams that shoot the ball well and have an inside presence.  Xavier has both of these abilities.

WEST-  Our biggest upset to watch in the first weekend will be Oakland over Texas.  While Texas was a favorite early in the season to be a contender, they have proven to be unreliable from the free throw line, and at times on defense they are lack luster.  Look for a team like Oakland who can light it up from downtown to give them a run for their money, and then possibly win the second game against the winner of Arizona/Memphis.

SOUTHWEST- PURDUE! PURDUE! PURDUE!  This team will win several games in this years March Madness and they could possibly find themselves in the Final Four.  By causing turnovers consistently, and boasting wins over both Ohio State and Wisconsin, the fact that Purdue has a relatively easy road to the Sweet Sixteen puts them in a similar position to that which Duke was in last year.  This team will be exciting to watch.

SOUTHEAST-  While Wisconsin year in and year out looks like a team poised to make a run, they always find a way to disappoint.  Instead, look to BYU to be a contender in this years' tourney.  Despite losing the inside presence of Brandon Davies, Jimmer has shown that he can score better than anyone in the country, and they manage to keep teams in check on defense.  Their first challenge shouldn't come until they play UF in the Sweet Sixteen.


NCAA Championship
Purdue vs Duke



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