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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Best Beer You've Never Tried

Speaking from personal experience, I am always looking for something new to try as far as the beer department goes.  However, there are a few crutches of mine that I know I can always rely on in case I don't feel like anything new.  In the spirit of changing things up a little, here are the top ten beers that you probably have never tried.  These range anywhere from $6/ six pack to $15 per bottle.

10.  Breckenridge Vanilla Porter- Just had this on tap the other day.  The waitress described it as the smoothest porter she has ever tasted, and I have to say I agree.  Think the smoothness of Guinness, but with a flavor that delicately balances notes of vanilla with chocolate and caramel malts.  Available for $9.99 for a six-pack, this is a beer to savor on those nights when the temperature dips a little lower.

9.  Samuel Adams Boston Brick Red- Sadly this beer is available only in the local Boston area, which is why you probably have not tried it.  Any time I make it to the Boston area, this red ale, loaded with malty flavor but balanced by earthy, spicy hops is the first pint I order.  If you are in the area, make sure you find it.

8.  He'Brew Rejewvenator-  There is something odd about the appearance of these bottles, which is often why I walk right past them at the store.  The taste, however, is anything but odd.  This year's version of this beer includes concord grapes in the brew which oddly, but deliciously reminds me of my childhood and drinking Welch's Concord Grape juice.  The grape flavor is present, but well balanced by subtle hops and a strong malt background. ($5.99 for a 22 oz bottle)

7.  Kona Pipeline Porter- The taste of coffee in beer scares me most of the time.  You take a bitter drink and add more bitterness and the results could be scary.  However, when done with restraint, the result is a well balanced porter, with a coffee note that is definitely present, but not overpowering.  There seems to also be a slight sweetness to this brew that ties it all together. Plus, for only $6.99/6-pack, this brew is a steal.

6.  Sierra Nevada Glissade- This exceptionally smooth, spring beer is a perfect balance of hops and malts.  From a company that is known for loading up on hops, this brew is a rare restraint in the hops department.  The malty smoothness takes the lead on this brew that is here to welcome you into warmer weather.

5.  Mikkeller Santa's Little Helper-  With the start of Spring comes the reduction of prices for winter beer.  This Belgian/Danish beauty is one that I wish I had found a few months ago, but definitely enjoy regardless of when I found it.  This is a wonderfully spiced ale that pours a dark black, but with remarkable head retention for the style.  A perfect brew to enjoy on Christmas Eve, or any time you wish it was Christmas Eve.

4.  Well's Banana Bread Beer- I know it sounds weird.  Banana is a beer does not sound like it would be appealing at all.  This brew proves otherwise.  If you really allow this beer to warm up a little, you get a strong whiff of banana, balanced by a nutty depth.  The taste mirrors the smell.  While it looks has the appearance of a standard English bitter, the addition of the nuttiness and the sweetness of the banana create a completely new style of beer.

3.  Dogfish Head Pangaea-  This brewery's headlines are dominated by its IPAs.  However, this unique brew is a wonderful distraction from those hops.  It's claim to fame is that it has been brewed with at least one ingredient from every continent on the planet.  I'm not sure the water from Antarctica actually makes a huge difference, but the resulting beer is surprisingly refreshing.  Combining this many ingredients together creates the expectation that this beer will dominate your mouth.  However, the carefully selected ingredients complement each other perfectly, and it is the ginger that unites this beer on your palette.  

2.  Left Hand Milk Stout-  When most people think of stouts, they taste dark, bold, bitter beers that are relatively heavy on your mouth.  This beer defies those thoughts.  While the taste and aroma are definitely chocolaty, there is a lightness to this beer that perfectly counters the darker, chocolate malts.  Left Hand has many good brews out there, but this one is so unique that it can't be ignored.

1.  Rogue Dead Guy Ale- From the look on the bottle, you know this beer is going to be good.  The smell is malty, but with some sort of fruitiness that surprises.  The taste is a perfect balance of malt and hops, with the forefront being a nice toasty flavor and the background being that of the spicy, floral hops.  This beer is fantastic.


Ronny Stiftel said...

awesome collection of beer

brewmaster12 said...

Thanks Ronny! If there is any beer you are thinking about trying let us know and we'll give it a shot so you know if it's worth it!

Doc Football said...

Definitely agree with your comments on Sierra Nevad Glissade. Became award of SN years ago when we lived in San Jose, CA. Saw the Glissade just prior to the Super Bowl and bought a six. I had to go back the next day to get some more for our party. Turned several others on to it. Well done.

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