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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brew Day is Finally Here!!

Well, I've finally been able to get on here and get all my pictures up from the other day.  Using the recipe I provided in the last post on brewing, I brewed 1.5 gallons of this American Amber Ale.  So rather than just tell you about how I did it, I'm going to provide you with step-by-step instructions below.  If you have any questions just comment below and I will answer them as soon as I see them.


Add 2.5 gallons of water to brew pot. (We will lose some of that water to the grains and some to evaporation.)

Bring temperature in pot up to 160 and turn heat off.  (This is called your strike temperature)

Quickly place bag in pot and stir in grains evenly

Cover pot with lid and towels and let sit for one hour.
            -Temp should be around 152-153, if not turn heat back on to get to that temp
            -This is called your mash temperature.

After one hour remove towels and heat liquid in pot to 168.
Once pot reaches 168 turn the heat off and remove bag being careful to drain runoff liquids back into the pot.  This step is called the mashout, and it basically allows us to maximize the sugars in the grains after converting the starches that were in the grains.

Bring temperature up to a rolling boil and add .4 oz cascade hops.  I like putting them in the 1 gallon paint strainer bags from Lowe's because then I don't have to strain my beer at the end of brewing.

After 30 minutes of boiling, add .15 oz hallertau hops

After 15 more minutes of boiling add .15 oz fuggles hops

After the last 15 minutes of boiling, remove pot from heat and quickly cool in ice bath.
 - Basically fill put your pot in the sink and surround it with ice water.  Then stir the beer in the brew pot with a sanitized spoon until it reaches around 75 degrees.  You will need to add more ice around the pot.
Strain cooled wort into 2 fermenters, each receiving about .75 gal.  Use strainer and funnel to pour and remove hops at the same time, unless you used the paint strainer bags.

Aerate each fermenter by sanitizing your hand and cover the top and shaking for at least 30 seconds

Add half of Safale US- 05 yeast packet to each fermenter.
Place stopper with blow off tube in each jug and allow to ferment in cool dark place for two weeks.
Since I live in ridiculously hot South Florida, I put my fermenters into a large plastic storage bin and filled the bin up with water to the same level of the beer.  Then, I simply added a frozen ice pack every couple of hours, or when I remember, in order to keep the temperature down.  According to the Safale website, the proper fermentation temperature is between 59 and 75 degrees.  For this beer, I try to keep it between 64-66 degrees.

 So there you have it!  Your first brew day is complete! Up next will be the "Transferring the Beer" post and the "Bottling Your Beer Post."  Until then, cheers and happy brewing!



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