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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Only Spring Training and We've Picked the World Series!

With all of the turmoil surrounding the NFL and the bargaining agreement, it has never been more exciting to see the start of Spring Training for Major League Baseball.  I know there are a lot of men out there who would refuse to ever watch a baseball game in their man cave because it's just too boring to watch.  However, for the rest of us out there, this post is for you!  We're going to do what even ESPN won't commit to and give you our breakdown of each division and our picks for the playoffs and the World Series.  Today we will discuss the AL, and in the next post we will dive into the NL.  So keep reading, and be ready to be blown away by's picks for this season!

AL East-  Let's start off this firecracker of a division by stating that if the Yankee's do not come up with a quick resolution to their pitching staff, they might very well be missing the playoffs this year.  While the front of their staff will be strong, with CC Sabathia leading the way, the rest of the staff is a big question mark.  Expect AJ Burnett to make a strong outing this season, but don't count on the rest of the rotation.  For all you Red Sox fans out there, this could be your year again.  The recent scare with Beckett is just a minor blip on an otherwise outstanding offseason.  By acquiring Crawford, the Sox have all but guaranteed that they will have the fastest lineup in the East, and possibly in the league.  The pitching staff looks strong from top to bottom, and barring any injury, this should be a relatively easy year for the bullpen.  All five pitchers can last late into games, and with Youkilis, Gonzalez, and Ortiz, the Sox will be able to hit with the best of them.  For many out there, The Rays are the second best team in the division.  I have a hard time seeing that.  While the addition of Damon and Manny should boost an already powerful offense, there is too much inconsistency from the mound for me to consider them one of the top two.  After Price and Shields, it's kind of a crapshoot.  Sorry for you Orioles and Blue Jays fans, you're still playing for 4th and 5th place, however, watch out for Baltimore in the years to come.  They have a lot of young talent that could develop into a World Series contender.

AL Central- Let's start off by saying this: While Melky Cabrera May be exciting to watch, the Royals' season is doomed.  By losing Greinke, they simply do not have enough firepower to contend in this league.  Unfortunately for the Indians, they also need better starts from the mound before they can truly contend.  With up and coming stars like Matt Laporta, it shouldn't be too long for you Indian fans.  This leaves the White Sox, Tigers, and Twins.  The White Sox have a great advantage in that every starter for them comes with a ton of experience.  However, with experience comes age, and this lineup may have trouble staying healthy.  Despite the aging roster, the starting rotation for the White Sox should be enough to keep them in the race, where they will flourish if they can remain healthy.  The Tigers look to be the best of the Central division.  They have the ability to put up a ton of runs as long as Cabrera can stay out of legal trouble and in the lineup.  Reports are that he is in great shape and is ready for a run at the MVP this year.  I don't see him being that good, but we all know he has that potential.  Adding to that fact is the remarkable depth of the starting rotation.  The first four pitchers all have the ability for 15+ win seasons, and this could be the year that they pull that off.  The Twins are the wild card in this division.  There are several players (Denard Span) that are poised to explode into an award winning season, but also could have the ability to shrivel up and disappear from the scene.  With the leadership of Morneau and Mauer, this team should stay competitive through September.

AL West- In a sea of mediocrity, one team shines.  Before discussing the other teams, I will say this... The Texas Rangers will play in the AL Championship again.  You read that right.  The Ranger's front office has it figured out.  They work through their farm system, with a few key free agent/trade moves to solidfy and they take their time in building their roster.  It shows.  They are solid in both the infield and outfield, and they can score with the best of teams.  Their pitching staff is deep and talented, and after last season, they have gained a ton of experience.  That being said, the other three teams are playing catch-up, and none of them will reach the playoffs.  If the Mariners did not have Ichiro, they would be irrelevant. The Athletics' roster, headed up by the controversial Dallas Braden, is too young to have lasting success at this point, but watch for them to become contenders in the next few years.  The Angels might have the best shot to up-end the Rangers, but I'm not sure this rapidly aging roster will be able to play with the sustained effort that is necessary to take the division.

AL EAST WINNER- Boston Red Sox
AL WEST WINNER- Texas Ranger
WILD CARD- New York Yankees

AL CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP- Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox
AL CHAMPION- Boston Red Sox
While the Yankees hitting will get them into the playoffs, the lack of pitching will be their demise.  The Red Sox roster and pitching staff will ultimately lead them to one of the most winning seasons the MLB has ever season.  This could be a special year for them.

Keep checking back as the NL predictions will be up soon!!
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