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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pairing Beer with Food: Our Top 5 Picks

Harpoon IPA- Raw Clams
     -There is something about eating a freshly shucked clam out of the northeast Atlantic while drinking this nicely restrained IPA.  While the citrus and floral hops are present from aroma all the way through the taste, they are nicely balanced by some crystal malts that round out the beer.  The briny, salty tang of the clams is a sharp contrast to the hoppy, bitter IPA, but they contrast works out perfectly.

Lakefront Brewery Fuel Cafe Stout- Chocolate Cake
     -Every now and then, you just need a huge hunk of rich chocolate cake to satisfy a craving.  Why not have a beer that compliments that dark, richness of the cake while you are eating?  There is no doubt that this is a substantially bitter beer.  The coffee flavor is right up front, and can be a little harsh on its own, but paired with the sweet chocolate, this beer takes on a completely different appeal.  The chocolate, coffee bitterness sort of cleanses the palate of the strong, sweet chocolate cake.

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA- Roast Pork with Cinnamon Apples
     -This beer is easily one of the top 10 I have ever personally tasted.  With all of the creativity coming out of this brewery, there are some of there beers that I personally think are over-priced and do not appeal to my tastes.  However, this beer is worth every penny.  The extreme hoppiness of this brew needs something strong and packed with flavor to stand up to it.  Roast pork fits the bill for that.  The sweet apples on the side perfectly complement the malty backbone of the beer, while the carmelized flavor of the roast pork is cut by the bitterness of the hops.

Unibroue La Fin du Monde- Bacon Cheeseburger
     -This peppery and fruity brew is bold enough to stand up to the beef flavor of a burger, but complex enough to allow you to savor the two of them together.  The high alcohol (9%) adds a stronger backbone to this beer, and the pork flavor of the bacon perfectly complements the peppery depth of flavor.  There is a graininess to the beer that creates a dry finish that is perfect for cutting through the fat of the burger and allowing the flavors of both to really shine at the same time.

Spaten Oktoberfest- Fried Chicken
     -I love fried chicken.  Personally, the only thing better than fried chicken is slow smoked BBQ.  However, in order to find a beer that will cut through all the grease of the fried chicken, you need something that is loaded with malts to kind of soak up that greasy flavor.  This Oktoberfest is a malt bomb that does the job perfectly.  While there is some hop bitterness to balance out the beer, the star of this brew is the malty flavor that dominates from the time you open the bottle.


Ronny Stiftel said...

yay for oktoberfest :3

D22 Game Reviews said...

Excellent post man! Was a really interesting read! thanks for sharing!

brewmaster12 said...

Thanks for reading! I love beer in just about any way you can use it so we should have some really interesting posts coming up in the next few days! We're going to try and get some video reviews and brewing videos up here too so be on the lookout for those!

Cam said...

The Oktoberfest and fried chicken match is definitely heaven-sent... I will be trying the La Fin du Monde and bacon cheeseburger match soon for sure!

brewmaster12 said...

You will definitely not be disappointed by the La Fin du Monde and burger match!! I'm about to go find some fried chicken right now!

Micah Goss said...

I haven't tried the first three, but I definitely agree with the last two.

brewmaster12 said...

My personal favorite is the first one... Just something about it that makes everything seem right in this world

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