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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So You're Ready to Brew...

You read our first post and it got you interested in brewing your own beer.  Then you went out and gathered the equipment like our second post told you.  Now what?  Well the first thing you need to do is get your ingredients together for this brew.  Not sure what ingredients to use???  No worries!  I am about to give you a top secret recipe that was brewed by this brew master and has been thoroughly enjoyed!  While we are talking about recipes for brewing, you need to check out this site: HomeBrew Talk Recipes.  On this forum based site, you will find thousands of recipes as well as all sorts of useful information.  It is one of my personal favorites, and there is even an Iphone app that you can download.

We will be brewing a 1.5 gallon batch since I will be using two apple cider jugs that each of enough room for 1 gallon.  The reason we will only be brewing 1.5 gallons and not 2 gallons is because you need to leave some room at the top so your beer doesn't gush out of the fermenter during the process.  For this batch you will need:
2.5 lbs- 2-row brewers malt
.5 lbs- Crystal 60
.5 oz- Hallertau Hops
.3 oz- Fuggles Hops
1 package Safale US-05 yeast

If you want to make 3 gallons of beer instead, just double everything on the recipe, except for the yeast.  You will still only need one package of yeast!
This is a pretty basic recipe to brew, and while some brewers use a scale to accurately measure hops, I tend to just guess knowing that each package of hops is usually 1 oz.  2-row brewer's malt is a standard "base" malt.  It gives the beer a lot of its body and alcohol content.  The crystal 60 malt will add both color and malty flavor to the beer to help balance the hops.  These two hops are traditional European hops and they will add spicy, earthy notes to the beer.  If you were to compare this beer to a commercial beer, this would be comparable to a Budweiser American Ale or Samuel Adma's Boston Lager, with a little more flavor from the hops.  To get your supplies, I would either go to your local homebrew store where they can help you select them, grind your grains for you, and even weigh your hops if you ask.  If you aren't close to one and prefer to shop online, much of this stuff is available on through the links at the bottom, but is a fantastic site, and shipping is a flat rate of $7.99.  You will have to purchase your hops in 1 oz increments, but if you store them in a ziplock bag and put them in the freezer, you can reuse them.

If you purchase your ingredients from Austin Homebrew, the total cost for 1.5 gallons, or 16 beers is only $12!!!  Hard to beat that deal!

So go out and get your ingredients!  Make sure that you have the grain ground up for you so it's ready to brew and come back this weekend as I will be posting a step-by-step approach to the brew day, including pictures! Cheers and happy brewing!


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