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The Mans Cave was a concept originated long before my time. The men in my family have always had their place of solitude where men could be men and there was no questioning. I now live the city life which means the man cave has been greatly reduced in size. That brought me to create an internet based man cave where all men can join in. Whether geek, gamer, jock, fitness, brewer, BBQ-er, or just looking for a place to read about manly news, you will find a home in the Man Cave

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weekend's New Movie Highlights

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Red Riding Hood:
This movie clearly tries to attract the “Twilight” fans with its flashy werewolf terrorizing the village.  They also seem to try an attachment to the old “Little Red Riding Hood”.  However, instead of visiting grandma, she is just in love with the human figure that the werewolf takes when it is daytime.  Between the famed werewolf hunter and village people rising against this beat, this movie just may have a decent amount of action to keep you occupied.  However, something tells me that the love story behind it all will bore you to death.  I chalk this movie up to the artsy fans out there.


Battle: Los Angeles:
Another epic battle between an unknown alien-race and humanity!  This movie promises to pack the screen with action.  We are giving this movie the thumbs up for this weekend’s entertainment.  It most likely will not appear in any awards for 2011, but it will be a hit while it’s in theaters.  Who doesn’t want to see Los Angeles ravaged by an alien war as the last stand for humanity?  This is our top pick for opening movies this weekend. 


Mars Needs Mom:
What can we say; if you have a couple kids that are in need of something to do this weekend then take them to Mars Needs Mom.  The animations are good and the actors can pitch a good joke now and then.  This movie gets our thumbs up if you’re a father or uncle looking for something you can all do.  Just remember that getting ice-cream afterwards is probably more treating you for being a stand-up guy then a treat for the kids! 


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