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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dead Space 1 & 2 Reviewed

Dead Space Games at Amazon
Dead Space 1:
This highly addicting 3rd person shooter keeps everyone on their toes with jumpy scenes and the knowledge of the necromorphs being ANYWHERE!  You start the game off with a scene descibing your character, Isaic, as a engineer on his way with a small team to repair the planet cracker spaceship called the Ishimorou.  Once you arrive your team slowly realizes that the ship has been overrun by necromorphs! You must now venture off alone to find a way off this ship while looking for your girlfriend, Nichole, who was stationed there.  So grab your plasma cutter and blast through the hoards to find the terrifying truth to what happened here!


Dead Space 2:
Isaic's escape ship was found and taken by a masive scientologist colony nicknamed "the sprawl".  You are suddenly awaken by an unknown person who doesn't get the chance to introduce himself before the necromorphs do it for him.  You find yourself in a stray-jacket runing for your life wondering how the necromorphs are alive even after you destroyed the marker.... you now have to wonder through the once bussling colony to find out how this happened.  Be prepared to become the scientologist's most wanted man while blasting through the hoards!  To make matters worse you must also battle your own mind due to the intense sychological visions Nichole is forcing you to see.... now stock up on powernodes because you will need your plasma cutter at its full potentoal!  

Gameplay: This may seem awkward at first as you find your camera primarily over the right shoulder of Isaac apposed to the usual first person shooter that has you looking down your guns sites.  That different view will not put a damper on your experience though!  I believe that seeing Isaac from all sides makes the jumpy scares that much more jumpy.  Another note is that the inventory management method is sometimes frustrating.  This is only because if you ever back yourself into a corner the inventory will pull up and be larger than your screen.  This makes some horde blasting difficult if you needed to access something ASAP.  Other than that both games controls are extremely similar and you will find yourself adapting to them after blasting away the first necromorph!

Dead Space Games at Amazon


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