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Thursday, April 14, 2011

iPad 2, Xoom, and PlayBook (what to buy?)

This comparison chart pretty clearly outlines the highs and lows of each tablet in the different hardware and software capabilities.  I will not be explaining the basics of the chart, but instead will highlight some key differences and then end it with category not mentioned here.  First off the screen sizes are all relatively the same size except the Playbook being a 7 inch screen.  I personally believe that 7 inch is too small for a tablet and would opt for the 10 inch ones which are just as portable.  The second big difference is the processor, they are all benched at nearly the same speeds, but I would look for the well known chips like NVIDIA and Snapdragon.  Another important note is the capacity of each tablet.  Most tablets limit this to just the internal memory, but Xoom actually allows you to use SD cards to expand the memory!  This is a big improvement to the usual limitations.

Those are the highlights from the chart, but one important topic that has not been touched on here is the apps!  lets face it you are getting a tablet so you can use apps on it, not use it exactly like a touch screen desktop computer.  Obviously the largest app selection falls to the Apple iPad 2, but its important to note that the Android app list has been exploding ever since they came out!  Most apps run on their tablet OS "honeycomb" but only a few are optimized for the software.

My personal pick for the top tablet in the markets right now would have to go to the Motorola Xoom tablet!  The only other tablet that comes close to it is the iPad 2, but lets face it Apple LOVES to limit their apps.  Everything has to be approved before being listed on the market, and there is obviously a big reason why everyone tried to "jailbreak" it, and its because they don't want Apple's security to limit them!  When it comes to the Xoom and Android software its almost all open source.  There are even way (without jailbreaking) to get apps for free (ANY APPS)!  I wont tell you how to break the law, but lets face it the android tablets and apps will surpass others strictly because we users can choose where to take our limits!


trelin64 said...

It's too bad that specs don't currently influence the reason to buy a tablet. It's all in the apps. Android devices are getting there, but iOS still wins that game currently.

John . said...

I would get an iPad 2 no questions asked. I'm an apple slave when it comes to hand helds. PC all the way though, fuck Macs.

REM4606 said...

I couldn't agree more... the hardware driving these tablets doesn't mean much if they cannot produce some amazing apps. Apple has the advantage of being in the market longer, and therefore having more app developers, but I personally like to side with Android because of its easily open sourced capabilities. I believe Android will take the market from Apple and lead at some point next year.

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