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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Sierra Nevada Collaboration Beer Review

The hot trend right now for craft brewers is to work in a collaboration with another brewer to produce a beer.  While many of them seem like they are doing it just for the recognition, this beer is definitely produced for the right reasons.  Don't get me wrong, any commercial brewery that doesn't go into business to make some sort of profit will not be in business for long, but that doesn't mean they have to put out bad beer.  Sierra Nevada recently paired up with an abbey in California to create three separate beers.  The one that I was able to try was just released at the end of March, and is only available in select stores, most of which are probably on the west coast.

This beer pours a dark, rich red and has a nice head that comes along with it.  Just smelling it lets you know this is going to be worth drinking.  You definitely smell dark fruits like raisins and plums, but unlike other Belgian beers that are sometimes overwhelmed by the fruit flavors, this one has more to it.  My favorite taste that I picked up in drinking this beer was brown sugar.  Often times when brown sugar is used in beer, it ends up leaving a strange flavor in the background that can I've described more as being kind of musty.  This beer actually tastes like brown sugar, and there is just enough spiciness to it to completely balance everything out. One thing to note is that this is considered a Belgian dubbel, although I think the flavor is a little darker.  This is definitely one Belgian styled beer that is worth a shot. Rating: 8.5/10


Certainly NotaTroll said...

Belgian beers tend to taste strangely sour to me, but this one actually sounds worth trying. My local pub has 300 constantly changing beers, so I'm going to ask if they can get this one in.

AmBored said...

didn't drink this kind yet but I'd like to

Ryan Lyles said...

but seriously though... who doesnt love beer??

brewmaster12 said...

I think that sour taste you get is that same musty taste I get. It's kind of hard to describe so I went with musty. You should def try this one, but also definitely try Brooklyn sorachi ace. It's a perfect beer for this time of year!

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