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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ultimate Man Cave Guide Part 2a

Now that we covered what type of TV to buy for your Man Cave it is now time to give that TV extra umph in the entertainment department!  It is pretty standard to buy a DVD or Blue Ray player to help keep the TV entertaining, but what about the other choices… there are gaming consoles that play movies now, media streaming devices that stream live over the internet!  The possibilities of what to buy are endless!  But don’t you worry Man Cave Dwellers, we have you covered!  Use this easy walkthrough to help you choose what is best for you!

First: DVD and Blue Ray (the basics)

I will not spend long in this area because it’s the BASICS!  It is pretty simple, get a machine that plays both DVD and Blue Ray that way you have all your bases covered.  Now it’s a huge plus to look for a machine that will also stream a service like Netflix over the internet as well.  A movie streaming service like Netflix really eases the tension on the wallet that buying Blue Rays and DVDs can cause!  As far as brand goes… I really cannot specify which brand is better, because it is all in the features!  Trust me just look for the all-in-one machine and you’ll be good to go!

Second: Alternate TV Services (Brief Overview)

These emerging media players for your TV come fully packed with everything you ever wanted your TV to really be!  The latest entry into this new market is Google TV.  In our opinion at The Mans Cave we chose Google TV because of its possibilities for expansion!  When you look at the chart we provided that lists key features and who has them you can see that there are few areas that each machine excels more than the others.  They are all set up to enrich your TV experience in many ways.  But Google stands apart from the rest because it is open source as usual!  They actually want people to come in and improve their stuff any way possible!  Also its a good thing to mention that Google is holding a big event in which a key feature will be the new app market strictly for your TV!  Now once that hits we all know those developers will find ways to turn your TV into the ultimate media streaming machine!  I wont list out a wordy explanation for each section covered in our chart, but please if there are any questions for any one of these machines feel free to leave a comment and I'm sure we will be messaging you back very shortly with an answer!  

I know we have not covered gaming consoles here... but that is only because the "console wars" needs to be its own post!  So look for our part 2b of this guide coming tomorrow afternoon!


Troy Noblet said...

Looks like Google TV is the way to go. I'm moving into my own place (good bye university housing) in a couple weeks, can google TV totally replace having Sat or Cable, or is it not yet practical enough?

REM4606 said...

moving out of the dorms... good call! The Goolge TV cannot completely replace your Sat or Cable just yet... the only thing it lacks is the Hulu access, after that I might just toss my own Cable bill! But if you are very computer savvy and know anything about Utorrent then you could get a good set-up to stream anything from your computer to your Google TV device and live off of that....

Christopher Konna said...

I wish I had the money to buy a nice TV. Either way, I'm happy with the TV - laptop combo I got right now. Just put whatever I want onto my laptop, HDMI it to the TV. Get whatever I want, happiness is had.

REM4606 said...

You make a good point Christopher. The laptop (home PC or Mac) combined with the TV can make for great media streaming to enhance anyones basic cable experience. This is especially true if (like I replied to Troy down below) your computer savvy and are able to surf the net and use torrents for all your media wants.

I have a question for you... how do you get your shows or movies on your laptop (DVD Rips, download), and what service delivers them (iTunes, any ripper software)?

Kyle Myers said...

Oh wow, I wasn't aware that hulu was actually coming to google tv. I might have to pick one up then when it does.

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