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Monday, May 2, 2011

Cheap Beer Review: There's a Time for Every Kind of Beer

We here at The Mans Cave are firm believers that if something is good, then it is good.  There are times where nothing beats an ice cold cheap six pack of beer and a seat by the pool or on the front porch.  I absolutely hate people who call themselves beer snobs.  If you can't kick back and relax with something that doesn't challenge your tastes to the extreme and is just plain and simple beer, then The Mans Cave is probably not the right place for you.  We love the plain and simple.  I love to sit down to a bowl full of spicy fried wings and an ice cold pitcher of Miller Lite.  With that in mind, we're here to provide you reviews of many of the cheap beers on the market.  We've chosen 10 different beers that are all lagers except for one.  These beers should all be kept as cold as possible when drinking, and now is the perfect time you break out that frosty mug in your freezer!

#10- Olde English 800- Otherwise known as Ghetto Juice, this stuff is scary.  Popular with some semi-famous people that are known to party with this type of drink, there are far better things to spend your money on.  There is a sharp abrassive alcohol note that dominates everything about this beer.  For some reason, it seems like every ounce packed into these bottles is stale, but maybe it's just because the beer sucks! Priced at around $3 for a 40 oz bottle. ($0.90 per 12 oz)

#9- Keystone Light- This beer is pretty much like drinking fizzy water with a tinge of alcohol to go with it.  There is pretty much no malt flavor, and the flavors you do taste are completely over-powered by a sharp dryness.  While it is dirt cheep, and passed around college parties like it's gold, you can do better. $11.99 for an 18-pack. ($0.67 per 12 oz. beer)

#8- Natural Light- This is the cheep beer of cheep beers.  Natty Light is about as close to clear as beer can possibly come.  That same malty, corn flavor that most of these beers share is present here, but ideally if you are drinking it as cold as you need to be to hide the flavor, it really just tastes like crisp, bitter carbonated water.  Good for beer pong, but not much else. $15 for a 30-pack.  Ridiculously cheap. ($0.50 per 12 oz)

#7- Coors Light- Brewed as cold as the Rockies, this beer should be drunk as cold as the Rockies.  That being said, there is an interesting fruitiness to this beer that compliments the usual corny, malty flavor.  If it weren't for Natty Light, I'm not sure you could find a paler beer than Coors Light on the market. $5.49 for a 6-pack. ($0.91 per 12 oz)

#6- Bud Light- When it comes to the big 3, it's almost like picking between identical triplets.  They each have their own little claim to fame, but you kind of wonder if they're really putting out a different product.  Bud Light, in my opinion, has a little bit more of that corn flavor in it, but it helps to balance out the bitterness that comes at the back of each taste. $5.49 for a 6-pack. ($0.91 per 12 oz)

#5- Miller Lite- Of the big 3 (Bud, Miller, Coors), this one is my favorite.  Light, crisp, and a little more color than Bud or Coors.  It might be all gimmick, but their whole triple hops brewed thing might just give them a leg up on Coors Light and Bud Light.  Even still, keep this beer ice cold and eat some spicy chicken wings to go with it.  $5.49 for a 6-pack. ($0.91 per 12 oz)

#4- Miller High Life- The Champagne of beers! As a college student, this was always a great find at the grocery store because it was so absurdly cheap, and was actually drinkable after the first couple.  A little bit more malty than its cousin above, this beer is also a little crisper and has a surprisingly persistent head when you pour it out of the bottle/can.  You still want to drink this one cold, but it can actually be enjoyable to drink. $13.99 for a 24-pack. ($0.58 per 12 oz)

#3- Pabst Blue Ribbon-  There is something about drinking this beer that is just satisfying.  It is all one-sided malt flavor, with just enough hop sting in the back to keep it a little bitter.  It's great for washing down a shot of Jack like Clint Eastwood did in Gran Torino, or for helping chow down on pizza, or my favorite, take-out Chinese.  This beer actually comes with some flavor in that red, white, and blue can, and for that reason in comes in at number 3 on our list.  $7.49 for a 12-pack. ($0.63 per 12 oz)

#2- Trader Joe's Simpler Times Pilsner- If you are lucky enough to have a Trader Joe's near you, then you know what a deal this place is for all sorts of food and drink.  Their beer selection is no different and provides several different styles of beer for as low as $3.99 per 6-pack! This is our second favorite out of the selection.  Bright, crisp, and clear, there is just enough hop zing to give you something to taste along with the typical one-sided malt flavor.  There is also a Simpler Times Lager, but the Pilsner is a better choice.  For its price, this beer is a steal, and we don't mind drinking it any time with a pile of nachos or wings. ($0.67 per 12 oz)

#1- Yuengling Traditional Lager- For its price, this beer is fantastic.  Unlike the typical pale, American adjunct lager, this beer is a nice amber color that is backed with a smooth caramel flavor.  There are hops that you can actually taste in this beer, and it still tastes nice once it warms up a little.  This beer definitely takes the top prize for this list.  Only $5.49 for a 6-pack! ($0.91 per 12 oz)


Lftrpllr507 said...

im not sure how widely available Grain Belt Premium is, but they JUST came out with 16oz "Big Friendlies" 24 cans = $20 in MN said...

 whay don't you try Zwickel beer? it's simply fantasic

brewmaster12 said...

  Never even heard of it before! Where do I find it?

jorge gonzalez-larramendi said...

What happened to Wisconsin 's old style!??!?

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