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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Double Beer Review: Samuel Adams Rustic Saison and Shiner Ruby Redbird

Welcome back to for another beer review!
To any of you that may be in the armed forces or served for our country at one point we just want to take a moment to thank you for your service and for helping preserve this great country.  On this Memorial Day honor those that have died defending our country in the way that veterans across the nation do; by pouring the first part of your beer on the ground to those who never made it back.

With the hot weather pouring in, we thought it was appropriate to turn our attention to beers that were made to drink during the summer months.  So fire up the grill, grab a cold beer out of the cooler, and learn about these two beers.

Samuel Adams Rustic Saison-
This beer is a part of the Samuel Adams Summer Styles 12-pack that is currently available.  It is brewed in the farmhouse style of Belgian beers that were made by farmers to refresh them when it got hot in the summer months.  For more info on this style, check out our review on Ommegang Hennepin.  This beer poured a bright, extremely clear golden yellow.  There was a small head that formed, but it didn't stick around for long.  The aroma is lemony, peppery, and just a touch of some Belgian spice (clove) in the background.  The taste follows the aroma pretty well, and it is a remarkably crisp beer.  The flavor is slighty overwhelmed by the intense carbonation, but still a pretty good representation of the style.  At a relatively low ABV, this is a beer that you could drink a few of during the summer and not feel weighed down.   Rating- 8/10

Shiner Ruby Redbird-
I had high hopes when I found this beer on the shelf the other day.  I've always been a fan of bright citrus flavors in general, and I loved eating grapefruit growing up.  That being said, this beer sucked.  As I poured it into my glass, a razor thin film of a head quickly wore of, despite the obvious over-carbonation of this beer.  The bubbles literally look like Sprite.  The aroma is mostly ginger (which is supposed to be in the beer), with a hint of grapefruit in the background.  Very little hop or malt character is to be found.  The taste makes me think of a grapefruit flavored Sprite as well, but I couldn't get past the ginger!  I love ginger, especially in a marinade, but the ginger flavor was so overwhelming that even if there were hops and malt flavor to be found, you wouldn't be able to do so.  Unless you like carbonated ginger-grapefruit soda, avoid this beer.  Rating 4/10

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Cheers and Happy Brewing!


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