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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Google Music and Movies?

Google is currently having a massive conference where it is unveiling all kinds of new goodies for all of your Android and Honeycomb users out there!  Two big notes are the new Google Music and Google Movies.  These services are a MUST for everyone to have, and we will tell you why!

First, Google Music Beta:  Google Music Beta
Google Music instantly searches your computer for any and every song you have.  It then allows you to access those songs on the "cloud" which means all your songs are permanently on the internet ready to be played by anything that has internet access and your user information.  So you could buy a song on your computer, then walk down the street while playing it on your phone.  The core theme to their music service is synergy.  No matter what changes you make to your music, playlists, or anything else it will change on every  device that can access that music.  You can even make the music available offline if your about to jump on a flight or something.  Google announced that this service is free for now, but currently you can get 2,000 songs on the "cloud" for free and can pay for extra space up to 20,000 songs.  Thats a lot of music!  So how can you access this amazing service?  Well.... you can't yet, its by invite only so far.  But once this service is made public be prepared to delete iTunes!

Google Movie Rentals:  Google Movies
Google really stepped up their media game, but one of the immediate things all of us public users can work with is the movie rentals.  Google's android market now houses a giant library of block buster movies for rent.  The newest releases can be rented for $3.99 and remain on your account for 30 days (however after you press play on the movie it will only be in your account for 24 hours).  Still this $3.99 for new releases is among the cheapest for rentals!  Obviously older movies are cheaper.  This addition to Google's market really beefs up its media presence and I'm sure it has Apple shaking a bit.

So Man Cavers, how do you feel about the Android, Honeycomb, and Google releases coming our way?  If you ask me... I'll be tying my Man Cave together with these great features, and now I can bring all my Man Cave media with me on the go!


algorithmic said...

I've actually wanted a service like Google music for a long time now. I'm glad it's Google thats picked up the project too. That gives it literally 0% chance of failing or dying soon after launch.

TheChurner said...

This sounds pretty cool!

Triper said...

Looks great, i wanna try this soon!

Andrew Vaughan-Brown said...

Google is taking /everything/ by storm, it seems. The movie service I'll have to check out. The music—I doubt you can get in lossless, so I don't think I'll be signing up.

REM4606 said...

Google is really attacking the media on the go market right now.... lets face it they are a gigantic company so the service will likely 99% be a hit... not everyone will join up, but if that 2,000 songs on the cloud remains free... then its worth it, just for the cloud services at least

RA said...

Glad to be an android owner, although I don't care much about the rentals, I just want the darn netflix app to come out already

REM4606 said...

I hear you... I'm a Google TV owner, so renting movies is another step towards me kicking cable companies out the door! I also have a Xoom tablet, and I too am waiting for the netflix app.. but until then I'll just entertain the Man Cave with netflix on the Xbox 360!

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