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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sweet (and Possibly Sour) Beer Review

I know what most of you are thinking, "Why would anyone want to drink a sweet beer?"  Well, there could be a ton of reasons, but I've found that any one of these is a good reason.  Besides, if you want to get someone into drinking beer that has some flavor, start with something like this that won't scare them away from the vast variety of beers that there are to try.  These aren't just chick drinks anymore.  These beers are just plain good.

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat- There is no doubt when you pour one of these into a glass that you are drinking a cherry beer.  The aroma is pretty much all fruit, and cherry leads the way.  Thankfully, it doesn't smell like cherry cough syrup, but more like an overripe bowl of cherries (and not the maraschino ones).  It is a deep golden color with a cloudiness that comes from it being an unfiltered wheat beer.  The taste is relatively sweet with cherries, but there is a crisp malt background that keeps this from being overly sweet.  A great beer to quench your thirst at the end of the day, but after one or two the flavor starts to overwhelm.  Rating- 7/10

Leinenkugel Berry Weiss- This is definitely one of the sweetest of the bunch, and is too sweet for my tastes, but for someone who enjoys wine coolers this could be right down their alley.  Raspberry dominates all the way, including the strange color of this pour.  It almost looks pink in your glass.  It has actually berry juice in it, which makes me think of it has a wine cooler of sorts even more.  Not my favorite, but if you or someone you know likes berry flavored soda, this one is for them.  Rating- 4.5/10

Blue Moon Belgian White-  For all of you out there that complain that this is not a beer, stop talking for a second and listen to this.  Water, barley, hops, yeast; the essentials of beer.  This one has all four.  While it may drive some beer snobs crazy to call this a good beer, there is something to be said for the consistency with which Coors puts out an offering such as this.  A nice pale orange pour that stays cloudy, the orange and spice come through immediately in this beer.  While most people like to add an orange to it, I think it is better without, as the citrus flavor is balanced by a subtle spiciness from both coriander, clove, and the yeast.  For people who want it to be sweeter, add the orange (squeeze the whole thing in and let it sink to the bottom: a nice treat when the beer is gone!).  Rating- 7/10

Magic Hat #9- This beer is my favorite from the Magic Hat Brewery.  The obvious thing about this beer when you pour it is that it is going to have some serious fruity flavors going with it.  Its mostly clear, with a light golden opagueness, and the head is white and sticks around.  Apricot and peach are what I think of when I smell it, and there is barely any hop bitterness to counter that sweetness.  A nice beer to have a couple of, or a good one to get people into craft beer.  Definitely on the sweeter side, and my highest recommendation on this list.  Rating 7.5/10

Lindemans Framboise-  This beer is a love it or hate it beer.  Personally I love it, mostly...well we'll get to why I like it.  The ABV is extremely low here, and for those who are expecting something that tastes like "beer" this is not it.  It is pleasantly sweet, and wildly sour at the same time.  I am an extreme candy-holic, especially gummy worms, and the best way I can describe this beer is to say that it tastes like those sour neon gummy worms!  If you like that flavor, pick up a bottle and give it a shot.  Or mix it with some good hard cider, like Woodchuck Amber or Pear, for a mix that helps cut the tartness.  Rating 8/10

Let us know what your favorite is!  We'll be announcing our next competition at some point on Thursday, so keep checking back and spread the word to all your friends!
Cheers and Happy Brewing!


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