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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Best Online Services that are Worth Paying For

Most online services are free, or at least have free memberships.  However, there are usually some premium services that those free members never get to see!  Only the paying members get that exclusive content or limitless interactions with those sites.  There are tons of these services out there and we are going to tell you the top ones you should be paying for!

Its important to note that these services are in no particular order.  Consider this as just services put together.  This is because these services can vary so much that it would be too difficult to nail who does what better and why.  So, once again, here's our list and its in no particular order!

This should be no surprise at all!  This video streaming service dominates the internet with pure awesomeness, and its affordable!  They offer an ever increasing list of streaming movies, and if you can't stream it then just "que" it up to be delivered to your front door!  Netflix also has a giant range of apps and devices that allow you to stream these movies and TV shows straight to your phone, PC, DVD player, gaming console, or TV.  If you don't own a Netflix account then you NEED to get one!

Hulu Plus "Hulu+":
While on the topic of movie and TV streaming we have to mention Hulu+!  For just $8/per month you get to all the current episodes of your favorite shows the day after they air, and also all the previous seasons!  This can all be in HD, and only this paid services unlocks other devices like Xbox 360 live, PlayStation 3, and Mobile apps for Hulu access!  This is a great way to cut the cord from the cable companies and lower some bills!

Pandora One:
Now that you have some great videos to watch lets pump up your music inventory with Pandora's paid service!  Free users are limited to only 40 hours per month of listening greatness.  This includes running ads and interruptions.  However, pay the $36/per year and you get UNLIMITED access with no ads and less interruptions!  If your a music buff then this is the service you've been looking for!

Xbox Live:
Yes PlayStation people get online for free, but they also don't have as much to offer like Xbox Live.  With a simple Live membership (Gold Account) you can start playing games with friends, connect to Facebook, stream Hulu+, Netflix, live sports from ESPN, and much more!  Xbox recently announced that it's looking to expand on their TV like services as well!  This one is an absolute must for any Xbox 360 owner!
Flickr Pro Account:
Taking a ton of photos and want them all online in-case something happens to your computer?  Then this is your kind of service!  This services only costs $24.95 and gets you unlimited upload space for all your photos. The unpaid version limits you to 300MB.
Amazon Prime Membership:
First off, this service is free for 1 year if you are a new mother (or father) or if you are a student that has a ".edu" student e-mail address.  Regardless, if you order a decent amount of stuff online then you know how much shipping and handling can hurt your cash-flow!  This paid services gives you FREE 2-day shipping on your Amazon orders, and Amazon has EVERYTHING!  It also upgrades your video streaming services with them to include exclusive free content.  They give you Netflix like access to certain movies and TV shows.  Online shoppers... this is a must!
Drop Box:
This service gives free members 2GB of storage space online and has some awesome syncing options to make handling that data really simple!  However, if you find yourself needing more than the small 2GB free version you can upgrade to larger versions!  This is a great storage and syncing service across PC's and mobile devices!  If you need some storage their your people!

Google Storage:
This is a lesser known storage system, but still very note-worthy!  Upgrading with this feature gives you more storage space for a range of services like: GMail, GoogleDocs, or Picasa.  for a measly $5/per year you get 20GB of storage.  Google even has plans that go upward to 16TB of storage!


Christopher Konna said...

I hate Pandora. Not to sound Hipster or anything, but they never have any of the music I want.

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