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The Mans Cave was a concept originated long before my time. The men in my family have always had their place of solitude where men could be men and there was no questioning. I now live the city life which means the man cave has been greatly reduced in size. That brought me to create an internet based man cave where all men can join in. Whether geek, gamer, jock, fitness, brewer, BBQ-er, or just looking for a place to read about manly news, you will find a home in the Man Cave

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

EA Shows off Mass Effect 3, Madden NFL 12, NFS: The Run, Battlefield 3, and More!

With no formal announcement the conference was about to start, the news cuts in and telecasts from all over the world warn of an impending alien invasion.  The skyline becomes in focus and pans across buildings.  An alien four times the size of any of the buildings looms over.  Tentacles thrashing at the buildings.  Earth is under attack.  Mass Effect 3's logo looms in.  Your choices from the past games will come to a resolution.  Casey Hudson walked on stage with a smirk and an N7 shirt.  He knew we were all waiting for him to give it up, the release date.  Mass Effect 3 will be released across the platforms on March 6, 2012!
Mass Effect 3
We already began to calculate how many days we could take off work in March when a gameplay demo for ME3 started.  Shepard was trying to destroy a Reaper base.  As soon as the demo began you could hear the difference, not just because it was louder, it was, but the gun sounded real.  I wondered if it was DICE's handiwork.  EDI warned us to back up, reinforcement was coming.  The base was being swarmed by guards.  Legion appeared on screen, he's on the Normandy. Cerberus guards with jet pack shoes began to close in as a huge creature loomed over.  It was a live reaper.  Live doesn't mean organic; whatever it was, it was part machine.  After getting a mobile turret Shepard could take down the reaper.  For a moment anyway, it soon regained health and began to charge.  Then it faded to black.  Demo over.  Dammit BioWare, enough with the foreplay!  Some PR small talk was followed by the gameplay trailer.  How many more months until March?

Mass Effect 3 was just the opening act.  John Ricotelle came out to kick things off.  "We don't have big stages.  We don't invite random celebrities."  EA was bringing it, games, services, and digs at other publishers.  Jason DeLong was up next to show off Need for Speed: The Run, developed by Black Box.  The plot takes you on race across the country to NY.  For the first time ever in a Need for Speed, gamers will be able to get out of the car and take the race to the streets!

The gameplay demo showed fancy, clearly just-waxed cars swerving down a well lit street.  Collisions were brushed off as the cars slammed into each other and kept going.  That is until one black SUV forced the driver out of his car.  He rolled out of the drivers seat and took the battle to the rooftops.  The battle progressed as he was chased up and down streets until he eventually lost them, only to be stopped by the police.  What do we do when the police try and to stop us?  Press square to punch!  When the driver was incapacitated, our driver took the police car to continue his quest.  The epic car chase continued with more sharp turns and bright lights.  He eventually lost control, and blacked out.  He comes to on a train track.  A train is coming.  Closer, closer, and fade to black. 

The PC game we're all waiting for was next.  BioWare encouraged gamers to "just play" Star Wars: The Old Republic.  The empire has attacked the Republic to reclaim their ancient home.  The trailer prompted gamers to "Choose your side."  To every story there's two sides.  A hundred of centuries of peace were a hundred centuries of planning, waiting.  But I don't think choosing a side once the game comes out will be as hard. 
Before we could get the Star Wars music out of our heads the room filled with smoke.  My first thought was this is it, they are going to kill us!  My renewed grasp on reality was met with snow boarders. A white mountain came into picture, slowly zooming in. It was covered in white cliffs. SSX, hardcore snowboarding.  Jumps, tricks, flips, and helicopter jumps? EXTREME! 
SSX will use massive satellite data of the Earth so gamers will get to explore every major mountain range on the planet.  That's a mighty tall order.  The open-world snowboarding game will January 2012. 
The next is the biggest sports game, "the world's game." Matt Bibley came out to explain why FIFA 12 will be the most authentic FIFA ever.  A new defending system, and a new controlling system.  Player Impact engine will offer another layer of realism, injuries, momentum, etc.  Drake, Lil Wayne, Chad Ochocinco, were among the experts in the FIFA trailer that aired next.  I guess EA doesn't count them as "random celebrities." 
Football Club, a free social service for all FIFA games, regardless of console.  The fact that it's called "football" shows just how much of an international game this is.  Regardless of your origins, you'll be able to compete with people from all around the world. 

True to victory, true to the game, Madden NFL 12.  The lights dimmed, a screen revealed RAM another screen lifts, out walks Hillis.  No, that's not all, Thor in a Green Bay Packers uniform comes out.  Dana Vinson informed me it was Clay Matthews.  The three chanted, true to the game. The three had a quick banter on stage, that was really less banter and more "yes sir."  If they say it's real, I believe them.
The next announcement threatens my productivity, The Sims Social.  I can't wait to abandon all real social life for this.  The commercial shows two girls chatting on Facebook about the new guy in her life.  Where can her friend find a guy like this?  on The Sims Social, if you can't find him, build him! 

Kingdoms of Amular's Curt Schiling was next at the plate. Get it?  Hey, his first lines were about the World Series so we're not pandering anymore than he was.  His speech was short, but the way he spoke, we could tell he was proud of this.  It was a little refreshing after all the teleprompter words we had been hearing.  Reckoning's trailer prompted viewers to change the fate of Amular.  It didn't showing anything vastly different from what we've seen in the past but it was consistently amazing.
Insomniac's Ted Price came out to announce Overstrike.  The new IP will be for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.  Overstrike stars a band of soldiers, Overstrike9.  Each of the four members has a pension for violence.  They are known for racking up a body count and making a mess while they're at it.  It seems like Insomniac combined the gameplay of Resistance with the personalities and teamwork of Ratchet & Clank.

Seconds after a cute one-liner from the Overstrike trailer the screen began to go static, blue and loud.  It was time for "the best first person shooter" for this Holiday, Battlefield 3!  An all actual game footage trailer began to demonstrate how far they've come with the Frostbite 2 engine.

Multiplayer kicked off with map in the central of Paris.  The video seemed to be only 20 seconds long, and while yes, it looked great, it didn't really show much.  Multi-platform open beta in September.
Terran desert, tank battle, live demo.  The video launched with the blurred face of tyrannosaurus rex.  as it came into picture it was just a toy a child had sent to his father, who now manning the gun atop a tank.  We watch CNN, this looked better than the desert.  To the left and right were tanks, dust, and dead bushes.  Commands in the headpiece told the soldiers to keep their eyes open, enemies were on they're.  A second later the dust cleared to show enemy tanks moving in. Weapons hot. Fire.  The battle went on, the enemies were taken out but more kept appearing on the thermal radar.  Engage and destroy.  After enabling the thermal goggles they were able to take the enemies out.  "Keep Moving"
From inside the tank, "connect to video link" Let's bring in the artillery laser the target. Got em.  Full speed ahead to the enemy base.  Roger all call signs advance and destroy.  They entered the base, taking out enemies where they could.  The tank took some serious damage but was doing fine.  The tanks drove up the base only to see what they had just fought in was skirmish compared to the war taking place over the horizon.


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