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Monday, June 13, 2011

Florida Beer Swamp Ape IPA Review

So I found this beer in the store the other day and got pretty excited about it.  First of all, the label is awesome! It looks like the thing could just jump off the label and eat you.  On top of that, it's a double IPA which usually means it is a hop bomb; and I love hops.  This beer turned out to be pretty interesting, but not in the way I thought it would be.

It pours a deep orange/golden color, and suprisingly does not smell extremely hoppy.  The smell actually reminded me of Bazooka bubble gum from when I was growing up.  There are some hops there, a little citrus and spice, but I smell more bubblegum, brown sugar, and dried fruits than anything else.  It's starting to seem more like a barleywine than an IPA. 

The taste just confirms what I said before.  This beer is definitely more along the lines of a barleywine (it actually reminds me of Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot Barleywine).  The taste is more of that bubblegum with some brown sugar and just a mild hop taste.  Definitely not an IPA.  Once I got over the disappointment of it not being an IPA, it was actually a pretty tasty beer.  Just don't expect a hop bomb.

Rating- 7.5/10


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