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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mega Beer Review: 8 New Beers Reviewed!

To celebrate Father's Day, my father-in-law and I went to a craft beer tasting that featured around 30 different beers.  I have review some of them already, like Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale, but there were plenty I had never had before.  Here's eight reviews for beers that range from "Don't Touch with a Ten Foot Pole" to phenomenal choices.

Brouwerij Riva S.A. Lucifer- 8.5% ABV- This Belgian Strong ale surprised me.  I was expecting something darker, with more dried fruits flavors in there, but the actual beer was more focused on clove like flavors.  There was some good hop background that helped this one out.  Rating 8/10

Victory Brewing Co Storm King Stout- 9.10% ABV- This beer is incredible.  Extremely dark and roasty, with strong chocolate aroma that gives way to rich coffee and roasty flavors.  You won't notice any hops, but they give just enough balance.  Rating- 9/10

Florida Beer Co Hurricane Reef Pale Ale- 5.10% ABV- This beer was a little plain, but there is some decent hop flavor and aroma that gives some citrus effect to this beer.  Not my favorite beer ever, but could be far worse than it is.  Rating 6.5/10

Shipyard XXXX IPA- 9.25% ABV- First of all, if you are expecting a complete hop bomb because of all the X's don't be fooled.  The X's are simply a way that breweries used to denote the alcohol level and flavor of the beer.  However, this beer is definitely one of the best offerings that I have had from Shipyard.  Far better than their flagship brew, Export, this one provides great citrus and pine aroma that carries into the flavor, but is balanced by some smooth caramel flavor.  Rating- 8/10

Holy Mackeral Panic Attack- 10% ABV- After drinking the other offering from this brewery, I was skeptical tasting this one.  However, I was completely disappointed.  Some decent Belgian spice comes through with a smooth citrus background, but altogether it just seems to lack some flavor.  Rating- 7/10

Shipyard Double Old Thumper- 11.2% ABV- This is definitely one of those beers that you want to save for dark stormy nights when the temperature drops a little, but the dark malty character of this brew is impressively smooth for an ABV this high.  Dark brown sugar flavors give off some sweetness to complement this beer.  Rating- 8/10

St. Peter's Golden Ale- 4.7% ABV- Let me start off by saying that I have heard great things about this beer, so either something has gone wrong at the brewery, or I had a bad bottle.  The beer looked great, a nice dark golden color, but it smelled like Corona, and the skunkiness carried through into the flavor.  I'll have to get another bottle to try again, but for now... Rating- 4/10

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Cheers and Happy Brewing!


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