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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Call of Duty: Black Ops Clips

Once again we're bringing you guys new Black Ops clips from me, REM4606!  I'm not as good as eVo DEADPOOL, but I've learned from him and can certainly deliver some good entertaining clips!  Before you get to the clips I just want to say that we are only using the built in function from Black Ops to make and export these clips.  This explains the lower quality images and 30 second limitation we have to work with... We will be getting a HD ripper for longer and better quality clips in the near future.  Until then, enjoy these highlights thanks to our YouTube channel: TheMansCave2.

As mentioned above I apologize for the fast-forwarding and bad quality, we are forced to work with strict limitations for uploading these clips...

Here's our first clip of the day! Its a capture the flag PUB game...
Just a little running and gunning during a PUB capture the flag match. Starts with a nice 2 piece to re-claim our flag, then I prevent a few guys from trying to sneak up on our flag from my side.  After another nice long distance 2 piece I decide its time to take the fight to them and begin pushing forward.  There's a close call at the end, but a quick trigger-finger keeps me alive!

Here's a two part clip during a PUB headquarters match (16 Kill-Streak)...
After capturing the headquarters (before clip starts) I circled around the building to allow the enemies some time to get near the headquarters.  I then enter in behind them and get 2 easy kills because of their confined space.  I proceed to spring out in front of a nade thrower and take him and his two buddies out (I didn't plan on jumping out in front of him, it was just luck)... I proceed to push their spawn to the corner while a new headquarters appears behind me, so I hold the line on two fronts to allow us to get better positioning. Finally I just run into their forced spawn and flush them out some stragglers.... see part 2 for continuation (12 Kill-streak so far, not counting airstrikes).

Part two of the headquarters match (The last few seconds are from earlier in the match)...
Continuing from the 12 Kill-streak from Part 1..... I took their spawn area and push them to the portion of the map furthest away from our newly captured headquarters.  Then I circle back expecting them to spawn there again and get a nice 2 piece before dying with a 16 Kill-streak .... The defense clip is just a funny fail on the enemy team's end for not clearing me out before trying to destroy our headquarters (same match but earlier in).


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