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The Mans Cave was a concept originated long before my time. The men in my family have always had their place of solitude where men could be men and there was no questioning. I now live the city life which means the man cave has been greatly reduced in size. That brought me to create an internet based man cave where all men can join in. Whether geek, gamer, jock, fitness, brewer, BBQ-er, or just looking for a place to read about manly news, you will find a home in the Man Cave

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ubisoft shows us Assasin's Creed Revelations, Driver: San Fran, Rayman, and Far Cry 3 at E3!

Ubisoft kicked off their E3 2011 event with a fast-paced montage of their greatest titles, Assassin's Creed, Rabbids and Beyond Good and Evil were in the mix.  Ubisoft's president Yves Guillemot explained why this year was so special.  It's their 25th.  Since it's a stage Michel Ancel came on to ask Yves a simple question, Ubi or not to Ubi?  Yves of course responded with "Ubi!"  After a little Shakespeare it was time for a little gameplay demo of Rayman Origins.  The fast-paced plat-former had two players, Michel included, racing past spikes, through lava and using teamwork however they could to progress through the level.  With each checkpoint the crowd genuinely cheered, no one was prompted. 
"Sometimes it's good to have friends" The demo continued as Rayman and "Blue thing" began to slap each other.  It's a sign of affection where Blue Thing comes from.  The demo continued through a water level and a level in the sky.  The audio was whimsical, and reminiscent of Yoshi's games.  The demo ended with the Rayman and Blue in a theater just like the one we were in.  Rayman: Origins will feature 4-player co-op!
Mr. Caffeine came out next, and he earned his nickname.  Before he even set up a game or a concept, or anything, he began talking about how how some gamers are.  Female gamers to be specific.  He even offered up some tacky pickup lines.  They involved Wiis and wands...

When he finally got to the game announcements, he showed off Driver: San Francisco, the 8-bit version.  Joke over, the real deal had the voice over of a calm, cool, female narrator giving the weather, tourist attractions and traffic report.  Juxtaposed to the slow, melodic voice was a yellow car swerving, speeding and crashing all over SF.

Jamie Keen came out to set us up for their next game.  You're stranded on a island, alone.  We were told everyone on the island was crazy, with no context of that what meant.  The first-person trailer began as we were taken captive by a group a ruthless soldiers.  From the scope of binoculars we saw them shoot a woman in the head, point blank.  The man holding the man captive began to ask "do you know what insanity is?"  It's when you do the same thing over and over and expect different results."
Insanity Dude had a mohawk, a gun, and crazy eyes.  He asked again, "Do you know what insanity is?"  Then he kicked a cinder block off the cliff.  The block, attached to a rope begins to fall, the rope getting shorter and shorter. Suddenly you realize, the rope was tied your feet!
You fall hundreds of feet below into water, even deeper than your fall.  As you begin to sink you can see the bodies of those who met the same fate as you.  At this point in demo I had stopped breathing, I can't handle underwater scenes!  Typing this is making me hyperventilate.  Somehow, the player/you frees himself, finds a gun and heads to shore. The whole island has been taken over by the crazies.  You look around the island, hiding in between green leaves.  Suddenly, you're grabbed and thrown back.  The crazy-eyed mohawked soldier looks in your eyes.  He asks, "Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?"  Ladies and gents, that was your first taste of Far Cry 3!

Gearbox's Randy Pitchford came out to talk about team work, and Brothers in Arms.  Ubi challenged Gearbox to make an "entirely new take on WW2."  The Furious Four stars going on happy hour are Stitch, Crocket, Montana, and Chok.  Brothers in Arms: Furious Four will star soldiers that really like to kill.  It's a sport for them; think Inglorious Basterds: The Game.

Looking towards to the future, Ubi showed what Ghost Recon would look like in 8-bit.  It was cute, but enough looking back, let's look forward.  Forward to a live gameplay demo of Future Soldier.  In the future we've access the Predator's camouflage technology and are using it for good.  A group of soldiers moves in on a small village being overtaken by baddies.  The village looks like it's a small town in Africa, little vegetation and an alarming amount of red fuel tanks.  The soldiers progressed through the town as women and children could be heard screaming over command in your ear.
An aerial view shows where the targets are.  "understood." "Hunter out." "Drone deployed."You know, military talk!
Back on the ground, transparent soldiers are taking out enemies in between ducking for cover.  Triangles, objectives, numbers, the screen was covered with indicators.  The screen divided into four, each with a member of the squad.  I glanced at the stage, there were four men actually playing together.  I hadn't even realized it was multiplayer.  The soldiers take a hostage and escort him away.  Artillery fire.  A huge explosion.  Demo over.  That was bad-ass!
The Ghost Recon train wasn't over yet.  Next up was Ghost Recon Online.  We didn't see anything new from our preview but we did get a reminder it's free and you can apply for the beta now!

For a refreshing change of pace, two french women stepped on stage to introduce ManiaPlanet.  Their next game is a PC game called TrackMania 2: Canyon.  The trailer looked great, if perhaps a little unrealistic.  TrackMania 2: Canyon will launch this September.  They also have Shootmania and Questmania coming out.  That's a lot of mania!

Raving Rabbids is getting better with Kinect.  Have you ever wanted to punch, maim, kick, decapitate a rabbid?  Using the Kinect, up to four players will get to play an augmented reality game.  The first was a whack-a-mole where you actually stomp the rabbids.  The next was "You Fill" where you and your friends try to use your bodies to fill a shape.  Each one takes a picture that can easily be shared on Facebook.  The game will come out on November 8th. It's on the show floor.

The next game is gamers' greatest fear, dancing.  Of course, Just Dance 3 got its own 8-bit video.  It will be coming to "all motion platforms."  They boast 30 million players with "room for more."

Tony Key came out to talk about Rocksmith.  He knows what we all want, to be rock stars.  Rocksmith teaches you to play guitar.  I haven't played it, but they got a lot of legit people to say it is rad.  Dave Navarro, CEO of Gibson, Editor in Chief of Guitar World, all think this is going to make me a rock star.  I believe them.  I want this game.  I'm currently seeking groupies!  Rocksmith will be released this October. 

8-bit Ezio followed my hunger pains, causing more hunger pains, a different kind though.  "Me want Assassin's Creed."  That was my inner voice.  AC: Revelations starts with Ezio on a quest for the secrets his ancestor left behind.  A prison cell, the desert, the sea, snowy mountains, are just some of the places he will travel.  At a snowy fortress atop a mountain Ezio is met by an arrow to the arm and an army.  Outnumbered, he takes them on anyway.  They prove to be too much and Ezio is capture and taken to a castle.  
Constantinople 1511 is where the demo began.  Ezio walks around a city, he is met by friends who warn him a bounty is out in his name.  Ezio walks down a busy marketplace; wares, spices, fish, all being sold to robed woman. He takes out guards on his way before approaching a tower.  He calmly places the grenade that a friend recently gave him and walks away.  It blows up, leveling the building causing panic in the city.  The diversion works as Ezio heads to his ship, running for the canon.  A few dozen enemy ships are no match for Ezio.  With ships burning around he parkours his way to safety through various burning ships.  A couple destroyed ships later, he finds the one he wants, and sets sail, leaving the harbor in flames!


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