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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why Google Music Beta is AMAZING!

We got our Google Music Beta invite a few weeks back and put this new cloud based music service to the test!  Our results were nothing but great.  As soon as you download Google Music Beta's application it prompts you to sign in with your Google Account information, and proceeds to scan your entire computer for music.  Regardless of where you bought the music Google pulls it in and uploads it to your own cloud music drive!  Our upload took a while to complete, but we weren't complaining considering it had thousands of songs to work through!  However, it was the fact that Google Music Beta went the extra mile and pulls in external data to help you complete those "misc." songs you have.  A few of our songs were just singles and were not tagged with album info or cover-art of any kind, but Google Music Beta automatically pulled this information in for our cloud drive!

Another amazing feature occurs while you are setting up your Goolge Music Beta account.  During this process you select genres of music you like, and afterwards Google assigns you FREE songs from those genres.  I know most of you are thinking its probably some dumb songs you never heard before, but your wrong!  We were outfitted with songs from Bruno Mars, Outkast, Incubus, James Morrison, Kenny Chesney, Three Days Grace, Wiz Khalifa, and more.  This provided us with some great tunes to listen to while our own music was uploaded.

Google Music has all the functionality the other music players have, including a "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" button for each song.  Once you "thumbs up" a song it goes into your "thumbs up" playlist!  Best of all, any changes you make to your music gets rippled through to all your attached devices.  For example, if we delete a song or make a playlist in our browser then it automatically is updated on our phone and tablet as well.  Another great feature is that our phone and tablet (which have limited space) do not have to download any songs to play, they just simply stream from your cloud service.  However, if you are going off the grid (will not have internet access) you can download selected songs!

Additionally, unlike the typical iTunes, you do not have to purchase songs through Google to have them populate onto your cloud service.  You can use ANY music downloading service you want to get all the songs you want, then upload them to your Google Music Beta!  All those pesky iTunes unplayable songs because of lost copyrights are a thing of the past!


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