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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

41 Uses For Beer

I know, I know... What more do you need beer for than to drink it?!  We're usually in that boat, but there are some really great things out there that beer can be used for besides drinking.  And if you can come up with more reasons to use beer in your life, well we think that's a good thing.
41.  Baking Bread- Replace half the liquid in your favorite bread recipe with a nutty, Brown ale for a rich flavor throughout the bread.
40.  Highlight Your Girl's Hair- Save yourself like $100 (so you can buy more beer) and just soak your girl's hair in beer for 10 minutes before she goes and sits out in the sun.  She'll look like she spent much more and you'll have a fridge full of beer.
39.  Polish Furniture- Use the last ounce from the beer you didn't finish last night to rub into your wooden furniture.  You'll be surprised how much it will glow.
38.  Cleaning Carpet- The carbonation in beer will help get those ridiculous stains out.  Just rinse with water after to keep the smell out.
37.  Turn Your Grass Green- The yeast in bottle conditioned beers can promote healthy growth in your lawn.  Use it on those spots you just can't keep green.
36.  Stay Cool- Pour your favorite beer into popsicle holders and enjoy an icy treat on a hot day. 
35.  Get Rid of Bees- At your next party fill a few different jars with beer and place them around your yard where people won't be sitting/standing.  The bees will be too busy with the beer to bother you or your guests.
34.  Beer Batter- Add 1 cup flour, 1 egg, and 1 cup of ice cold beer to a bowl.  Mix together and dip anything from onion rings to chicken to fish and fry in oil at 350 degrees for 1-2 minutes per side.  AMAZING.
33.  Polish Gold- Give your gold that shine it once had without damaging it by using just a small amount of beer on a cloth to gently polish.
32.  Making Pretzels- My favorite are mini-pretzels.  Just replace half the liquid in your pretzel recipe with just about any beer.  The beer you choose will change the flavor.
31.  Put Out a Fire- In a tough spot, shake up the can and puncture the top to create a shower that will put out most small fires (ie. your grill).
30.  Find a Date- "Accidentally" spill a little beer on that girl next to you in the bar.  Just don't pour the whole thing on her.
29.  Kill Slugs- Slugs love your garden, but they also love beer.  Fill a dish with some beer and the slugs will climb in, but be unable to get out.  Game over.
28.  Relax Your Feet- Pour a beer or two into a bucket and soak your tired feet in them.  Don't drink it after.
27.  Attract the Bugs You Want to See- Combine a beer with a mushed up rotten banana and place in your yard.
26.  Polish Your Cooking Gear- Much like with the gold, beer works great on cookware.
25.  Fall Asleep Quicker- The smell of hops supposedly helps you sleep better.  So just wash your pillowcase in a hoppy IPA and get to sleep quicker.
24.  Clean Yourself- Adding some beer to your shampoo will make your hair and body smell and feel cleaner and smoother.  Some places even sell beer shampoo and shower gel.
23.  Loosen Rust Up- The carbonation in beer can help loosen up stubborn rusty bolts.
22.  Make Rice Actually Taste Like Something- Use beer to cook rice instead of water and the flavor will blow you away.  Use a rich porter or stout for a special treat.
21.  Make a Slide- Long plastic tarp.  Lots of beer.  Fun times.
20.  Calm Your Stomach- Just like ginger ale, the carbonation can help settle your stomach.  And unlike ginger ale, the alcohol will actually dull your pain.  Sip slowly.
19.  Stay Warm in the Winter- If you live somewhere where someone likes to keep the heat barely on in the winter, trick the thermostat into thinking it's colder than it is by placing an icy cold can of beer on top of it.  The heat will kick on pretty quickly.
18.  Catch Mice- Mice also enjoy beer.  Fill a small bucket with beer and give the mice a ramp to get into it.  They will be stuck in the bucket and can't get out.  Just don't forget to check it every now and then.
17.  Pass a Kidney Stone- Beer works as a diuretic and can help make the passing easier.
16.  Bring Down that Blood Pressure- The effects of hops have been shown to help loosen arteries and decrease blood pressure.  Doesn't replace medicine (yet).
15.  Stop Waking Up the Person Next To You- Sew a can of beer into the back of a cheap t-shirt and go to bed with it on.  It'll keep you off your back, and therefore less likely to snore.
14.  Reduce Swelling- In a tight jam, an icy cold beer works great as an ice pack.
13.  Prop Your Chicken Up- For a moist, tender chicken, stick a can of beer between it's legs and cook on the grill standing up for 30-40 minutes on medium heat.  The beer will keep the chicken juicy from the inside.
12.  Chili on Steriods- Add a can of beer to your chili pot to help develop rich, robust flavors that will greatly improve the flavor.
11.  Go Fly Fishing-  There are recipes involving beer from as far back as the 19th century to help tie tighter fishing knots when going fly fishing.
10.  Protect Your Garden- The yeast and nutrients in beer will give you great life in your plants without using harmful pesticides.
9.  Make the Best Shellfish You've Ever Tasted- Start by caramelizing onions in a deep pan with butter and olive oil.  After 20-25 minutes, add garlic, tomato, and a can of your favorite Belgian Wit or Hefeweizen and allow to simmer for 15 minutes.  Then add the shellfish of your choice and cook until they open.  The liquid at the bottom is irresistible. 
8.  Make Your Skin Softer- The yeast in beer is great for moisturizing and smoothing your skin.  Pour a bottle or two into a bath and you'll be very surprised.
7.  Build a Dog House-  Use mortar and empty beer bottles to create the coolest dog house your friends will ever see.
6.  Beer and Cheese United- Just Google "Beer Cheese Soup."
5.  Self Massage- Roll a cold can of beer across your legs or under your feet for a great massage.
4.  Marinades- Beer works great in marinating everything from beef to chicken wings.  Just add a can to your next marinade.  My favorite- Beer, garlic, soy sauce, olive oil, and any fresh herb.
3.  Clean Your Fresh Catch- Nail several beer caps to a piece of wood and use the jagged edges of the caps to clean the scales off of fish.
2.  Make BBQ Sauce-  Cook bacon and onions in a pan over medium heat until the bacon is crisp.  Add garlic, a can of beer (I use an amber ale), Worchestershire sauce, mustard, ketchup, and a 1/4 cup of your favorite dry rub.  Simmer until the sauce thickens to your liking and puree to make it smooth.
1.  Most Importantly- Drink It! Couldn't resist it...

Give a few of these a shot and you'll be surprised!

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Cheers and Happy Brewing!


Christopher Konna said...

Wow, I don't drink but some of these suggestions sound great!

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