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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beer for Celebrations!

With our Founder's wedding coming up in just two short months, I felt it was appropriate to take a look at several different beers that would be as appropriate to toast with as any bottle of champagne you can buy. Here are my top 5 choices for beers to replace that overpriced champagne at your wedding!  And if you're worried that your guests will be disappointed in not having bitter champagne to choke down with that smile, don't be...They might actually enjoy listening to the maid of honor ramble on for an hour before they get to eat!

Each of these 5 beers that are below are available in the same 750ml size bottle as most wines and champagne, and many of these are much cheaper than champagnes of average quality.  Whether or not you have something to celebrate, find these exceptional beers and give them a try.

#5- Blue Moon Grand Cru- ($7.99/ 750ml) If you enjoy Blue Moon Belgian White, this could be the one for you.  All the flavors you can expect from a Blue Moon product, and with the fast growing of Blue Moon's popularity, this beer would go over well with just about anyone who tries it.  Not going to stretch the boundaries of the beer world, but for a toasting beer it would do the trick very well.

#4- Samuel Adams Infinium- ($19.99/ 750ml) By far the most expensive bottle on this list, but if you are a die hard Samuel Adams fan, nothing else will do.  This beer is probably the closest thing to champagne on the list, and has garnered some negative attention for being too "boozy" to be displaying the greatest features of beer.  However, it could be just the blend to keep both beer lovers and champagne afficionados happy.

#3- Flying Fish Exit 4 American Trippel- ($9.99/ 750ml) The Americanized version of the Belgian trippel features more hops than is commonly seen in this style, but not to the point where it will overwhelm your guests.  It looks great in the glass, and the tropical overtones will help keep guests who aren't "beer" fans content with what they are drinking.

#2- North Coast Le Merle- ($7.99/ 750ml) This interesting take would be a great beer for a summer wedding to help keep things refreshing.  Brewed in the Saison style, the lemony and peppery notes are crisp and refreshing, and the higher carbonation gives it a champagne effect in the glass.

#1- Brooklyn Local 1- ($8.99/ 750ml) One of my all-time favorite beers, and the beer I will be buying as well as brewing a similar take of for our Founder's bachelor party.  Incredible clarity and carbonation make it look nearly identical to champagne, but with a smoother and creamy head on top.  Just enough fruity flavors and aromas to pair with the malts and contrast the tinge of alcohol you taste as this beer warms up.  By far the best American Belgian Ale I have ever tried, and possibly one of the best in the world.

Don't forget to check out our Grain to Glass: Basics of Homebrewing DVD on iTunes or available for FREE at  Also, show our Founder your appreciation and buy him a drink or two for his upcoming Bachelor's Party!  Check out the details here... Founder's Bachelor Party

Cheers and Happy Brewing!


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