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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brewing Beer for a Special Occasion

As the best man of our Founder's wedding, I felt it appropriate that since we both love beer that I brew something for the groom and all of us groomsmen to enjoy the night of his bachelor party (and possibly the day of the wedding to help calm the nerves!).  With my 4 gallon brewing system, and the fact that I live several thousand miles from where the wedding will be, it seemed reasonable to me to brew a smaller batch of something and then ship the beer up the week before the big event. 

I started out by creating my own recipe for this undertaking that would do two things: mix in the interests of both the bride and groom, and show off my brewing prowess a little (Don't want to make bad beer or anything!).  After trying several beers to get an idea of where I wanted to go, and talking to the groom about what he would like, I ended up with this recipe for a Belgian Style Strong Golden Ale.  Bringing in the interests of the couple, I decided I would use 2 pounds of Georgia peaches to add some fermentable sugars to the beer.  This is the actual recipe for 3 gallons worth of beer:

Mash at 150 for 90 minutes.
- 7 lb American 2-row
- 8 oz Crystal 60L
60 minute boil.
At 60 min. add .75 oz Centennial Hops
At 15 min. add .25 oz Centennial Hops
At 15 min. add 2 lbs peaches

Wyeast 1214 Belgian Abbey Ale
At high krausen add 12 oz. honey.

To make this beer unique, I am going to bottle with champagne yeast so it will be even more appropriate for a celebration.

Let the boil begin!

This beer has pretty much finished fermentation and I will be bottling it next week with more pictures to come!  Then we'll open one up in October along with several other beers (including one recently brewed by the groom-to-be) on a special video review with both of us on screen!  Keep checking back for more information and pictures!

Cheers and Happy Brewing!


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