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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Top 10 Beers of Winter 2012

Winter beers provide a great time to sample new styles because there is not one set style that perfectly fits the winter season.  While history will show that winter beers are usually high alcohol, winter warmers that push away the chill of a winter night, the common trends in winter beers stretch from high ABV, full flavored ales to spiced lagers that provide a more sessionable beer to enjoy.  Here are our top 10 winter beers that stretch across many styles.

10. Abita Christmas Ale- A decent example of a spiced ale that is not overwhelming in the potpourri sense of the spice.  Well balanced with caramel malt flavor that highlights the spice mix in this brew.  Not a bad beer to drink throughout the day.

9.  Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig Ale- Out of the several spiced beers that Sam Adams puts out every winter, this one is my favorite.  It is only available in the seasonal 12-pack, but this is my favorite out of the group.  Enough spice so that I actually feel like I'm drinking a winter beer, and the orange background is really nice, but there is enough malt to keep the spice from being overbearing.

8.  Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale- This beer seems to change every year, but the basic idea remains the same.  This is a fresh hopped ale that truly exemplifies the qualities of the freshest hops that SN can get each year.  This year's example is spicy and piney, with some of that classic citrus aroma and flavor coming through as well. Fairly well balanced, but not the best fresh hop beer out there.

7.  Southern Tier Old Man Winter- This is definitely a winter beer that is not for the timid.  Bold and dark malts are balanced by a spicy blend of hops.  Definitely a sipper.

6.  Avery Old Jubilation- In a unique twist for Avery, this beer is relatively simple.  However, the taste is anything but simple. This could be the beer you age for a year before bringing out to sip on the coldest of winter nights.

5.  Ommegang Adoration- I've come to find that Ommegang has yet to disappoint with a beer. This one balances all the wintry spices with some darker chocolate malts to make a darker Belgian ale that is suprisingly smooth for being 10% ABV.

4. Cigar City Sugar Plum Brown Ale- Sugar and spice and everything nice.  Cigar City puts out another exceptional offering that says Christmas all over it, but is a great beer to drink on any night.

3.  Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout- This beer is amazing. Only $7.99 for a four pack, which is pretty reasonable considering the ABV level.  Blacker than midnight and packed full of rich, roasty, chocolatey flavors.  For a different take on a child hood classic, use it in an ice cream float.

2.  Blue Point Old Howling Bastard- Starting with the name, this beer just sounds like a great winter choice.  Named after a man who used to frequent the tasting room, this beer is a great example of a take on the American barleywine.  Watch out for the ABV...this beer will sneak up on you because it is so drinkable.

1.  Dogfish Head Chicory Stout- I look forward to the release of this beer every year, and after having my first of the year last night, it is still one of my favorite off-centered ales.  The chicory adds some great spice and coffee notes to a beer that is super complex, but still easy to drink.

Cheers and Happy Brewing!


Cam said...

I have to compliment you droppng the Abita Christmas Ale on this list. It really is a great beer. I feel like it's like drinking a christmas tree. Abita always makes beers full of flavor. One beer you might wanna give some consideration next time you do this list is Lost Coast Winterbraun. It's probably my personal favorite christmas beer... Definitely gonna have to try several beers on this list!

brewmaster12 said...

My Louisiana man! I'm going to go find that Lost Coast Winterbraun... sounds awesome! Thanks for the comment

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